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Chang’an in Frankfurt: Chang’an shows the EADO

Published September 14, 2011

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Changan may have built an outstanding car, but it lacks an outstanding name the EADO went on show late yesterday to an undecided audience. Brilliance and Geely have walked these halls before, but never really made a positive impact on the market but Changan appear to have arrived with a solid product.  The EADO, despite its name, seems to be a car on par with the Hyundai Excel in terms of design and quality, probably owing to Chang-ans multiple international development centers which are able to assist the company. Chang-ans Italian design center took the lead in the development of the EADO according to media reports.

The Eado is boasting a Blue Core badge on the rear which looks very similar to Mercedes own Blue Efficiency badge, Blue Core is Chang-ans own low Co2 emissions standard, the car will be available with a naturally aspirated 1.6L or a 1.5T engine with power reaching 81kW and CO2 being lower than 120g/km.

As the perceived safety levels of Chinese cars is relatively low in Western countries Chang-an has gone all out on the safety of the Eado with ABS, EBD and 6 airbags being installed as standard and of course being built to a 5 star standard.




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