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Changfeng CS6 – Spy Shot

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

The Changfeng CS6 was shown to the world at the Beijing auto show in 2006, it was then shown to a North American audience in Detroit earlier this year where it got more than its fair share of compliments. Eagle eyed car enthusiasts have spotted a prototype CS6 parked up in a car park.

The CS6 is based off the Mitsubishi Pajero platform, the engines will come in either gasoline or diesel flavor and also, many of the engine components are to be supplied by Bosch. As well as having all of the usual safety standards that are expected of a modern day car (double airbags, ABS, EBD et all etc) the CS6 will come with a reasonable price tag 300,000rmb.

Changfeng Automobile was set up in the 1950?s at the order of Chairman Mao. Mr. Mao, not one to be relaying on others decided China should have its own domestic car maker. Changfeng was born, and began whole heartedly supplying the Peoples Liberation Army with trucks. Roll on to the late 1990?s, Changfeng wanted to get into the car business as well, they struck a few deals and got Mitsubishi on board. Changfeng now make second generation Mitsubishi Shoguns for the Peoples Liberation Army and civilians alike, which they badge as their own brand we think they also make a few third generations vehicles but these are only for civilian use at the moment.



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