Charger takes crown as top perp-mobile from Crown Vic

Published October 29, 2015

After years as the top cop car, the iconic Ford Crown Vic, whose easily identifiable profile is synonymous with police work, is losing its grip. The new top cop car is the Dodge Charger. The Fiat Chrysler Automotive product is a new, fresh and departments like it. In fact, departments all over the country are rapidly making the switch to the new platform. Where the past was all Crown Vic, the future seems to be Charger.

It is not as if police departments are abandoning Ford en masse as the carmaker offers two products to replace the Crown Vic, the Taurus Interceptor and the Explorer and many are making the switch to the new platform. It is just that many other departments are making the switch to the Charger. So, why is the Charger the new top cop ride of choice?


Hagerty Classic Cars took a look at the Crown Vic and the Charger for Yahoo Autos and came up with some interesting thoughts as to why the future belongs to the Charger.

Charger has exclusivity. Let’s face it, there are just so many Crown Vics out there from Mexico to Canada that, well, they are everywhere. For instance, if you look at a cab stand, the chances are good you’ll see a dozen or more Crown Vics. Do you see any Chargers?

Next, the Charger looks tough-as-nails. The Crown Vic, on the other hand, does not look all that tough. Put one beside the other and the Charger will win the stare-down every time. Indeed, just seeing the tough-looking Charger in your rearview with its lights flashing will put the fear into the heart of the toughest driver.

And, let’s face it, when you put the rear-drive Crown Vic head to head with the Charger, the Fiat Chrysler product wins the performance race hands down. Going from zero to perp in seconds, the Charger powers through with a 292-horse V-6. The “big 8” Crown Vic’s 250-horse looks anemic beside it. And, if you equip the Charger with the 5.7-liter, the Fiat Chrysler puts out 292-horse. Whatever way you look at it, the Charger wins in this regards.


As a perp-bus, though, the Crown Vic with its longer, more rounded body, wins here. An older design, the body-on-frame Crown Vic offers more front and rear legroom than the more modern Charger as it is nearly a foot longer. The Crown Vic is also broader than the Charger and gives both front-seat and perp-seat passengers lots more hip room and shoulder room.

So, as the sun begins to set on the Crown Vic’s long and honorable career, it seems as though the new king of the police lot is a worthy successor. It has a rather large set of wheels fill. That said, though, the Crown Vic will be around for a bit yet as there are still thousands of them out there in active service. Indeed, it’s not uncommon to find them with half-a-million miles on the clock, going strong.





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