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Cheapest Classic Muscle Cars You Can Buy

There’s nothing like a good old muscle car to show the world around you what you’re made of. Whether you’re 18-year old looking for your very first ride or a true veteran from the time when muscle cars were as common as new age stores are nowadays – it doesn’t really matter. Muscle cars are one of America’s greatest gifts to the world. It’s a shame, but that same world didn’t really recognize the enormous potential for iconic that muscle cars possessed. Well, it’s their loss really.

Golden age of muscle cars is long gone, and recent downsizing in engine displacement coupled with increased importance of fuel efficiency is condemning even precious few options currently available in the market. Still, if you’re shopping for a muscle car – don’t despair. Second hand icons are still out there, and they come from the time when cars were built to last. That is to say – even 50-year old hot rods can still be found in very good or even mint condition. But, you probably know that already.

What you probably don’t know is what’s the most affordable way to get yourself one? Well, that really depends on your luck, patience and willingness to search far and wide. If a muscle car is in a good condition, rest assured that its current owner will know how to cash that in. There are, however, plenty of deals out there that can easily qualify for steal of the century. One only needs to look for them. Further down, we’ll pinpoint a few deals that could qualify for that. Know, however, that there are plenty of deals sweeter than that altogether. Let’s hit next and take a look at few of the cheapest muscle cars you can currently buy.



Nikola Potrebić
About Nikola Potrebić

Despite driving a piece of junk, Nikola still manages to survive the harrowing experience called "A road trip in a Yugo," day in, day out. On the other hand, precious few things move him as muscle cars do. Especially those from the bygone golden era, which makes him wonder why wasn't he born a few decades earlier? Well, at least he's been given the opportunity to enjoy the likes of the Pontiak Aztek, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Fiat Multipla, and other lovely millennials, right? Come to think of it, I'll stick with my Yugo. Thank you very much.

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