Check Out This 400 HP Mazda RX-3

Published April 16, 2016

This beefed up 1973 Mazda RX-3 might just be the perfect example that American muscle cars aren’t the only ones out there. After all, it doesn’t look much different than stock models used to look back in the day. It’s only fitted with much, much larger engine and other necessary accompanying components.


Owner, MMA fighter and car aficionado Trenell “Savant” Young  is the mastermind behind this car, although he had plenty of help from the professionals at JRX Rotary. He says that the initial car came with the original 10A Wankel rotary engine making no more than 90 hp. Well, this obviously wasn’t enough for someone with Savant’s appetite so he decided to replace it with RX-7 water-injected engine with 15-pound boost which now helps this Mazda generate around 400 horses. Of course, that kind of output wouldn’t be possible with the engine alone, hence there has to be a turbo somewhere. GReddy T66 unit has done a fine job here, but that’s not all. Although this Mazda RX-3 looks like a sleeper, it features a special dark grey paint, black BBS wheels, Toyota half-ton pickup rear end, and air intake right at the headlight from the passenger’s side, among other things. Seeing a car like that makes me wonder whether Japanese cars of the seventies are underrated in terms of their possibilities as project cars. Savant and his Mazda RX-3 have been inseparable for more than 15 years now and you can clearly see how much this car has evolved over those decade and a half. I certainly wouldn’t mind owning something like that although I’m not delusional either. I know that first muscle car around would have simply leave me in its rearview mirror. Still, if Jay Leno thinks it’s great, than there has to be something to it – right? After all, feel free to take a look for yourself.




Nikola Potrebić
About Nikola Potrebić

Despite driving a piece of junk, Nikola still manages to survive the harrowing experience called "A road trip in a Yugo," day in, day out. On the other hand, precious few things move him as muscle cars do. Especially those from the bygone golden era, which makes him wonder why wasn't he born a few decades earlier? Well, at least he's been given the opportunity to enjoy the likes of the Pontiak Aztek, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Fiat Multipla, and other lovely millennials, right? Come to think of it, I'll stick with my Yugo. Thank you very much.

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