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Chery A4 Appears Naked Ahead of Shanghai Auto Show

Published April 8, 2013

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The Shanghai Auto Show is just a few days away with Chery expecting to field some brand new cars to change the direction of the ailing company that has overspent on brands and underspent on new models. The A4 is one of those models, the compact sedan will be shown to a world wide audience on April 20th and will bring a new Chery family design to light.

Previous Chery models were a mixture of domestically designed models and models that were designed by world famous designers, but with Chery taking on more R&D capabilities in house we will finally see a family design language being used across the range. Both front and rear lights are high tech LED but running gear could potentially be the same as the A3, a 1.6L naturally aspirated engine producing 126bhp although perhaps Chery will move to introduce a compact turbo engine in the next few weeks.




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