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Chery Tiggo – Here comes the Tiggo 6

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

The Chery Tiggo 6 concept SUV (above) was unveiled at the Beijing Auto Show in 2006 seems to have had an engine transplant with it getting a. wait for it Euro 5 rated engine.

The updated Tiggo 6, which boasts a more friendlier looking exterior, relying less on the RAV 4 looks which seem to have inspired the original Tiggo 5 to a certain degree, apperently the design was done by the Italian design master Bertone which gave it this chunk of Italian styling. Engine wise, the Tiggo 6 will come with a much better choice than its predecessor which relied on Mitsubishi engines rather than Cherys own stock. The Tiggo 6 will come with either a 3.0 V6, 2.0TCI or a 1.9TDI.

The new Tiggo 6 will set you back 140,000rmb to 200,000rmb no news on 4 or 2 versions yet, but we presume that Chery will make them.



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