Chery working on electric QQ3

Published November 12, 2009

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Despite the QQ3 being ready for a facelift, Chery appear to be doing some fairly advanced work on an electric model:

The pictures clearly show that the QQ3 Electric (QQ3E) has had its tail pipe removed, and a charging port installed instead, the gearstick is the type that is usually utilised on small electric cars with only drive, reverse, and neutral being available.

The Chinese press are expecting the QQ3 Electric to cost around 50,000rmb when launched, however it could be that the Chery M1 electric hatch will be launched first, the M1 is the first pure electric hatch that Chery will launch and will be placed higher than the QQ3 electric in the Chery line up.

Batteries for the QQ3E are located in the former engine bay, which has apparently been crash tested by Chery, it is believed that Chery are thinking of installing batteries along the underside of the car as well to improve range. The QQ3E has already received a production license from the government, although a launch date has not yet been announced, nor has a price.




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