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Chery’s latest A01 hatchback

Published August 16, 2010

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Chery love small cars, its unclear why they feel it is nessecery to build so many small cars that increase competition within the dealership floors, their current small car line up includes the Chery A1, Fulwin2, QQ3, QQ6 and the QQme and if you want to exaggerate slightly perhaps also the A3 sedan could be included as a small car, but lets not forget the Riich M1 as well.

Chery appear to be developing another hatchback small car and judging by the spy pictures it looks to be derived from the Chery A3 platform. On the engine front, it is likely to be carrying a 1.3l to 2.0l engine, but it would be wise to remember that Chery are investing heavily in turbo and super charged engines in 2010 in partnership with Easton, so it could be carrying a 1.3S, 1.6S, or 1.8Supercharged engine. Chery are also working towards producing their own CVT gearbox engines, although the spy pics show a manual box, any future model is likely to be offering a CVT automatic to consumers.




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