Chery’s Six Speed CVT to launch next year

Published November 26, 2010

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Chery CVT

Chery have been working very hard on developing their own engine and gearbox line over the past 5 years, their ATECO engine range is starting to bare fruit after several years of hard toiling in the form of 2.0T engines that are used in the current G5 and G6 sedans and will soon be found in the Z6 roadster. Cherys first six speed gearbox is hastening its pace and is looking for a year end production run.

Cherys six speed gearbox is an important step forward for the Chines auto industry, and media outlets are already reporting how Chery has managed to break the back of a foreign held monopoly on the automatic gearbox industry here in China. Virtually all automatic gearbox companies in China are foreign owned, i.e. Asin, JATCO, ZF etc.




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