Chevrolet Midnight Special Edition Truck Lineup Expanded for 2016

Published February 14, 2016

The Midnight Special Edition package was so successful in 2015 for the 1500 Silverado that Chevrolet has decided to expand the 2016 lineup. The Midnight Special models will be extended to include the Colorado Z71, the Silverado 1500 Z71, and the Silverado 2500 HD Z71. All of these trucks will incorporate enhanced off-road capabilities and subdued accents to represent the Midnight Special Edition package.


You won’t see any chrome trim on these trucks; instead you will see several blacked-out accents to support the theme. Even the infamous Chevy Bowties are black on these special edition trucks. They do have one colorful accent that stands out and that is the Z71 emblems on the door panels.

The new lineup offers an option for everyone by including a midsize, light-duty, and heavy-duty truck. All of the Midnight Editions will have custom black accents including the grilles, bumpers, fog lights, tow hooks, and headlight bezels. They will also feature a black sprayed-in bedliner and black alloy wheels.

The off-road capabilities are enhanced with a locking rear differential, heavy-duty suspension, and Hill Decent Control. The package also includes rock shields to protect the drivetrain components and Goodyear Wrangler all-terrain aggressive tires.

Chevrolet will be launching several other special edition trucks in 2016 as well. The unique camouflaged Realtree Edition Silverado, the Colorado Trail Boss, and the Silverado Special Ops. Chevrolet has seen the success that special editions bring and they will probably focus on this concept for several of their future truck models.






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