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Chevrolet Populates SEMA 2017 with Exciting Special Editions and More

Chevrolet Unveils COPO Camaro, Crate Engines, and More at SEMA 2017

The SEMA automotive show took place last weekend, starting October 31st and running through November 3rd, at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, NV.  The SEMA Show is among the largest in the world for the automotive industry and provides a great showcase for the leading manufacturers of the industry. Among these leading manufacturers was Chevrolet, which stole the spotlight in many key areas of automotive innovation.

SEMA is an attraction that brought in over 70,000 automotive fans from around the globe.  The event offered many special showcases, such as product demonstrations and informative seminars, and even allowed potential buyers to network and discuss business opportunities with other buyers and dealers.  The SEMA event was structured in a way that created 12 different product segments and included a “New Products Showcase” featuring thousands of new, innovative products such as components, upgrades, parts, tools, and more.

SEMA proved to be a very useful communication tool to bring many of their newest and most exciting products to market.  Below are several of the most notable Chevrolet products that were brought to light at SEMA 2017.

Silverado Performance Concepts

Silverado Concepts Showcased at SEMA

For those that love the light-duty truck that was engineered for safety, but that need an extra little power kick, one of the Silverado Performance concepts may be for you.  Chevy displayed a few different Silverado concepts, including a Safety-themed concept, a Street Performance, and a Performance edition/concept.  The performance concept features a supercharger that was modeled from the Corvette Z06, and provides the truck with an additional 100 hp.  This concept also has larger brakes, as well as other upgrades to the exhaust and style of the truck.

50th Anniversary 2018 Hot Wheels Camaro Editions

50th Anniversary Hot Wheels Camaro LT2 Edition50th Anniversary Hot Wheels Camaro COPO Edition

To celebrate one of their most successful models, Chevy has designed a 50th Anniversary edition of the LT2 and COPO Camaros.  While these editions do not come with a long list of performance upgrades, they do come with MANY aesthetic upgrades, such as special paint jobs, spoilers, painted calipers, and emblems.

2018 Corvette Z06 Carbon 65

New Corvette Carbon 65 Edition

Like the Hot Wheels Camaro concepts, the Corvette Carbon 65 edition comes with a huge list of design upgrades.  This model also features a supercharged 6.2-liter LT4 V8 engine that puts out 650-horsepower and 650 lb-ft of torque.  Buyers can choose from a 7-speed manual transmission or an 8-speed paddle-shift automatic.  Chevrolet has limited the production of this model to 650 units, creating tons of demand for this edition.

OEM Engines

Chevy L96 Crate Engine

Chevrolet is well-known for their huge selection of crate engines.  The company boasts their availability of over 50 models to chose from for your OEM street/racing needs.  The assortment includes big block, small block, the LS-series, LSX-series, and LT engines.  Chevrolet seemed to display some emphasis on their new L96 crate engine, the supercharged LT4, and the 1st DuraMax block which all bring a long list of power features to Chevrolet vehicles.

There were many other impressive car and truck designs that were showcased by Chevrolet at the SEMA event.  Chevrolet definitely didn’t fail to impress the SEMA crowds and provided many new concepts for all types of current and potential Chevrolet drivers and customers.

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