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Chevrolet Muscle Cars Are The Most Famous In The World!

Updated September 22, 2018

If there is one car manufacturer that a person should think of when it comes to muscle cars, it should be GM’s Chevrolet. No other car company could compare with the number and selection of muscle cars that Chevy produced throughout the 1960’s and ’70’s.

From the compact Nova, to the classic Impala and Chevelle SS, to the “Mustang eating” Camaro and favorite Corvette. All of these models saw their best years when Chevy Muscle Cars defined what a muscle car was meant to be, an affordable high performance car.

In the intermediate, or midsized line of cars, which was where the most muscle car action was happening, Chevy offered up the Chevelle SS (Super Sport). The Chevelle SS was destined to become one of the most sought after muscle cars of the era thanks to the impressive size of its famous 396 cubic inch, 375hp big-block V-8 that was offered in 1965.

Along with the Chevelle in the midsized muscle car field, Chevy came up with their ultimate of Chevy Muscle Cars, and an answer to the impressive Ford Mustang: the Camaro. When this pony car was introduced in 1967, it was referred to as a “Mustang Eater.”

The beauty of this new model was that it was designed to handle several different sized engines, allowing for flexibility in what the owner wanted. For the street racer that wanted to show up the competition, the big-block V-8 396 was just what the doctor ordered.



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