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Chevy Silverado Performance Concept Supercharged The Most Powerful Yet

It’s a war machine ready to rip Raptor apart With A V8

Published November 7, 2017

Chevrolet brought 20 different vehicles to the 2017 SEMA show, but I find this Silverado Performance Concept the most intriguing. Not because it’s so different compared with the standard Silverado tough. This truck actually represents Silverado performance version that may well happen in the real world. Year before, we had this one from Carhartt.

Chevrolet Silverado Performance Concept


Definitely attempting to feel the pulse of customers and car enthusiast about the performance version of the Silverado, Chevy rigged the truck beast with a wealth of official Chevy Performance Parts. A keen eye will notice fine front six-piston Brembos. The truck features a cold-air induction system, a cat-back exhaust and 22-inch wheels with performance tires.

Chevrolet Silverado Performance Concept

Furthermore, designers reached even deeper into the Chevrolet Performance bin. Note the unique hood, air ducts, body-colored grilled, dark window moldings, custom exterior graphics, smoked headlights, and taillights, as well as improved grey exterior paint.

Considering that many of these things can be ordered from Chevy right now, it is obvious that the Silverado Performance Concept Supercharged does not have to be a concept at all.

What About The Silverado Performance Concept Supercharged Engine

The truck looks quite striking in its appearance, but the real question is related to the Supercharger. GM rigged the 5.3 liter V8 with the supercharger from the LT4 of the Corvette Z06, or the Camaro ZL1. This increased the power from 355hp to 455hp. Quite a gain. However, I cannot help myself but imagine that 6.2L V-8 with a supercharged.

Chevrolet Silverado Performance Concept

Nevertheless, with so much power, this Silverado Performance Concept became the most powerful one (35hp more power compared to that 6.2). But it is only a Concept. However, some information from the company head suggests that they are listening closely to what customers have to say about their cars. If enough of us like it (or better said, if enough of us would buy it), they will make it. It really is that simple.

Chevrolet Silverado Performance Concept


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