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China Car Times – A Public Service Announcement

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

China Car Times is a relatively new site on the net, December is just our second month online and already were doing great in terms of traffic terms. We only have you, the reader, to thank for that. We have bigger plans for China Car Times that we will no doubt put into effect in the new year, (thats after the Chinese New Year) we would like to thank you for supporting China Car Times!
We would also like to take this time to point out several other items that are available on the site

  • Chinese Car Manufacturer Guide We have put together some basic information about the 20 biggest automobile manufacturers in mainland China. Overtime we will overhaul this list and create more specified database of automobile manufacturers including different models and specifications.
  • About China Car Times A simple overview of what we, who we are, and what we want to achieve, we will update this as well over time, although our mission will stay the same, our services and methods of contact will only grow!
  • China Car Time Services The services we offer you want Chinese cars, trucks, automobiles, planes or trains? We can get them, and probably at the lowest price too. Anything automobile related we can source it for you, get in contact with us with your specifications.
  • Contact China Car Times If you need to contact us, i.e. give us a hint about a new story, or even better heap praise upon us.
  • Become a Member You can register on China Car Times and leave comments, of course you can do this without registering but if you register we can send you emails about new posts etc as soon as they are posted, what could be better?

Right, enough of the adverts well get back to the regular news now.



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