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Chinese and Japanese Brands Continue to Slide in China

Published May 23, 2013

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Statistics from China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) indicate that Chinese manufacturers are continuining to slide in April. Chinese brands sold a combined 571,200 vehicles in April, a slide of 16.95% compared to a year earlier, foreign brands saw a combined 9.85% slide on a year on year comparison with only Korean brands showing a slight increase.

Chinese brands sold a combined 260,100 vehicles, a decline of 11.18%, a month to month increase of 6.31% and accounting for 26.63% of the market. Japanese brands sold 176,660 vehicles taking 18.07% of the market, German cars sold 244,800,  taking 25.05% of the market vehicles, American vehicles sold 152,400 taking 15.60% of the market, Korean brands sold 98,700 vehicles taking 10.10% of the market and French vehicles sold 41,000 vehicles taking 4.20%.




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