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Chinese Auto News in Brief

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Calm down the rumour mill – SAIC is not buying Chysler, nor is FAW (although certain Chinese car news websites are saying that FAW is desperate to acquire FAW Chrysler). SAIC is probably skint anyway after blowing around $120 million USD on old Rover blueprints and engine parts. (we do love the Roewe though) Frank Chou – a manager of Value Partners consulting company in Shanghai was quoted as saying

Its almost impossible for any of the three Chinese car makers to take over Chrysler as a whole, Chryslers assets and potential debt are too expensive for them and the deal may also meet difficulties from the US government. But the Chinese car makers still have a chance to buy some parts of Chryslers assets or technology.

GM Daewoo is not moving its production lines to China – So we dont have to cheap Daewoo Matiz cars flooding the market and undermining Chery QQ sales. Phew.

Considerably richer than you – Porsche managed to flog 2305 cars in China in 2006, not a big deal you might think, but of that 2305 cars, 1930 were the Cayennes SUV model, and the cheapest model on the Chinese market is 790,000RMB ($102,000USD) the most expensive is 1.5 million RMB. So we can say Porsche is doing quite well in China. Theyre not up to Mercedes levels yet, but they are getting there.



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