Chinese auto sales to Europe stand at 745 vehicles

Published December 7, 2009

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If you were looking at the title and thinking, Surely that must be 700,450 vehicles, or even 7450 vehicles! then you are completely wrong. The total number is set at just 745 vehicles, which will no doubt keep European manufacturers safe for a year or two until the Chinese get their rears in gear and start mass exporting to the EU:

From China Knowledge:

Statistics recently released by the European Automobile Manufacturers Association show that China exported only 745 automobiles to the EU in the period from January to September.

The exported cars were manufactured by five companies that included Brilliance Auto, Great Wall Motor Co Ltd and Chongqing Changan Automobile Co Ltd. Great Wall Motor alone exported 675 vehicles.

Compared to other markets, such as South America and Africa, Europe has very strict import rules. In order to export more cars, domestic auto makers are making great efforts to reach out to Russia and East Europe. If China wants to sell more cars to the EU, the quality of the cars should be improved, said Bernd Gottschalk, former chairman of the German branch of the European Automotive Manufacturers Association.

Despite the decrease in auto exports, Chinas auto industry does not lose heart and continues to expand. After the foundation of a factory in Mexico, Chongqing Changan Auto is planning to set up a new factory in Turkey. Many other Chinese auto companies are also intending to build in Turkey. Because Turkey is close to the EU and to countries in West Asia, and cars produced in Turkey can be transported easily and cheaply to target markets, thus benefiting the Chinese auto industry.

So why is Italy such a hot little market for Chinese cars, do the Italians have different rules to the rest of the EU, or do they just have low expectations for their motoring needs?




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