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Chinese Hero Cars: The Mian Bao Che

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Chinese Car News | AshMarch 15, 20075:28 am

The mian bao che (aka bread van in Chinese, due to its loaf like appearance) or the super mini van as we think its called in English is pretty much the modern day backbone of the Chinese economy. This van, come super cheap MPV is everywhere in China, its used as delivery vans for everykind of produce imaginable including big vats full of live fish swimming in seawater, as taxis, as MPVs for collecting workers, and sometimes as mobile discos. Astute readers may notice that mian bao ches are the same as the Bedford Rascal/Holden Scurry aka the Suzuki Super Carry

The mian bao che market seems to have been cornered by two giants in China, Dongfeng and Changan, sure Suzuki used to be in on the mian bao che but the Chinese giants beat them at their own game in China. Some mian bao che are modified for performance by their owners, despite their tiny 1.3 engines these mian bao che really do pack a performance punch. Some mian bao ches owners even get sexy girls to sit in their cars, which is more than what can be said for the China Car Times staff cars. Changans mian bao che costs a tiny 30,000rmb for the cheapest model and Dongfengs offering is similarly priced
Regardless, mian bao che, we salute you.


Ash came to China at 18 on a whim and never left. Some 10 years later he collected a degree and a family along the way and now focuses his time on watching the Chinese car industry develop. He has witnessed the market change from being minor backyard market in to the world’s biggest and most important market for all car manufacturers. You can contact or connect with him via Linkedin by clicking the ‘Website’ link.

Website – More Posts

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2 Comments so far, please add your thoughts!

  1. Sam says:March 16, 2007 at 1:23 am

    Suzuki used to be in on the mian bao che but the Chinese giants beat them at their own game in China.

    So, Suzukis patents were stolen.


  2. dragin says:March 20, 2007 at 7:49 am

    No Sam, the patents werent stolen. For the most part Chinese makers of Suzuki mianbaoche, and other models, have done so legally through licensing agreements. But whats disappointing to see is the Changan Automobile Co.Ltd. website that gives no recognition to Suzuki in its history chronology. Ford gets a mention but not Suzuki. I wish an up and coming company like Changan would be more honest about its relationship with Suzuki which goes back as far as 1982.


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