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Chinese trucks are selling well

In 2018 China Car Times was acquired by Autowise. This article originally appeared on

Obviously we mean pick up trucks here

It seems Great Walls pick up and SUV range of vehicles is doing very well abroad especially in Russia where they seem to have gotten a taste for the Hover SUV limo, China Car Times has only ever seen one on the road (actually, it was stationary in a car parking lot in deepest darkest Heilongjiang province, it was -35 so we didnt want to look at it)

GREAT Wall Motor Co, Chinas largest maker of pickup trucks and sport-utility vehicles, said sales more than doubled in May from a year earlier to 10,300 units after it introduced new models.

Great Wall aims to boost sales by 63 percent this year, helped by a new plant in Russia and demand for stretch limousines. New models planned include diesel-powered Hover crossover utility vehicles in December and Wingle pickup trucks in January.



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