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Chrome Purple Ferrari 488 GTB Spotted on the Streets of London

A Purple Ferrari – How Do We Feel About This?

If you are a traditionalist when it comes to supercars, you probably think that a purple Ferrari is a blasphemy. Here are some photos to prove you wrong. They are courtesy of Autogespot, who took them at the streets of UK’s capital.

As if owning a Ferrari 488 DTB isn’t enough to turn people’s heads around, the owner of this car had it painted purple. The only thing we can say is that it really stands out from the crowd.

Named “The Supercar of the Year 2015” by Top Gear, this supercar’s price is just shy of $250k. Of course, the model in the photos is not the basic version. This Prancing Horse came with a lot of super-awesome features, but this time, we are not going to talk about this Ferrari’s performance, but its looks.

As you can see it yourself, the combination of purple and a chrome touch seems to be a perfect mixture when it comes to Ferraris. For the upper parts of the vehicle, together with the side skirts, the mirror-finish Purple with Gloss Black was used. This second skin job is also visible on the side air intake elements, wheels, and door mirrors.

This supercar made us think about other purple Ferraris. Ferrari Tailor Made department is the place to go if you want to paint your supercar in an interesting color. One of the people who did it was the Prince of Malaysia. He had his LaFerrari painted purple. When you are a prince, you are allowed to do things like these with your limited-edition hybrid sports car.

[Photos Credit – AUTOGESPOT]

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