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The Church Of Choppers: Jeff Wright’s FXR

The Church Of Chopper’s Awesome FXR Chopper Takes Center Stage In New York

Updated August 8, 2018

This beautiful re-orchestration of a Harley Davidson FXR comes from the Church Of Choppers top brass, Jeff Wright. It premiered in September 2014 at the Brooklyn Invitational, one of the most prestigious motorcycle building events in the world, where competing is by invitation only. 2014 was veteran bike builder Jeff Wright’s fifth time at the event, so he must be doing something Wright – get it?

If you’re into custom builds, you’ll have heard of the Church Of Choppers, an appointment only custom shop in Knoxville, Tennessee, that specializes in the eccentric to the sublime. When it comes to choppers, it’s not unusual to conjure up mental images of machines that are mere parodies of their former selves; Jeff Wright’s bikes are far from that.

FXR Customs Don’t Get Better Than This

church of choppers fxr 1

church of choppers fxr custom

This particular offering took years in the making: it’s based on a 1990-spec FXR, with a factory conditioned Evo engine and upgraded Keihin FCR carb. It’s also taken a few bits from the Dyna series, including the ignition and forks. Link all that up to a custom, hand fabricated exhaust (complete with Race Fit muffler), a one of a kind handmade swing-arm and a serious set of Beringer brake calipers and discs and you’ve got a high performance machine. It’s got the throttle to rapidly move forward and the anchors to stop it in a hurry.

church of choppers fxr 3church of choppers fxr 4

It’s not just a splendid machine either; it’s a piece of art to look at. The boisterous red tank and classic green tailpiece really tie the outfit together. Aesthetically, it’s a great display of what else a Harley Davidson can be; they’re not all about ape hangers and front sets. Overall, it’s a beauty.

church of choppers fxr 5church of choppers fxr 6

There are a few odd details though which are worth mentioning. For the sake of practicality, the battery could do with a re-shuffle; it’s not hard to see the lowered battery taking a battering from the elements. The brake fluid reservoir also needn’t be so high up and those fuel lines look like an accident waiting to happen under heavy braking. We’re all thinking it.

church of choppers fxr 6

As for other issues, many other online forums have made note of the skyward facing headlight but we’re 99.9% sure that Jeff made it adjustable – he is a master builder after all and not just a forum follower.

Pushing the negative points aside, we’re looking at a masterpiece. And if Jeff Wright thinks it’s good, as a five time participant in Brooklyn, then we’d all better listen.


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