plymouth barracuda budget direct reimagined

Classic Auto Renderings in the Modern Era

Ever Wonder What a 2018 ‘Cuda Hemi Would Look Like?

Updated May 28, 2018

Let gearhead imagination astray and this is what happens. The people at Budget Direct digitally reimagined seven famed cars from before. With this auto renderings, famed classic cars closely fit the conventional styling exercises of today.

Sure, after giving our kids the opportunity to imagine futuristic cars, having a bit older chaps craft modern interpretations of old gems is only natural.

plymouth barracuda budget direct reimagined

Normally, they did not craft them from an empty sheet of paper, but actually used some of the famed production cars of today and based their reimagined designs on them. I’ll try to identify some of the base cars here, but it’s actually a bit tricky for a few of these, so if you succeed in identifying all of them, please share your knowledge in the comments!

So, let me start this strange article with the first of seven auto renderings – the AMC Gremlin, based on the Hyundai Veloster. Don’t worry, there’s not actually a third door on this one.

AMC Gremlin based on the Hyundai Veloster

As everyone knows up to this point, the AMC Gremlin is not exactly a favorite amongst American drivers. Actually, some consider it as the least appealing car out there. On the other hand, it looked kinda cool, in a strange way. As part of classic auto renderings, Budget direct reimagined the car. They took that “strangeness” and brought it to eleven while keeping some of the angular looks and old-school design integrating it with Veloster lines.

amc gremlin budget direct reimagined

In essence, we have here a strange AMC car, a strange Hyundai, and the very strange idea of combining these two cars to give a new spin to an old classic. The result is, obviously, more than strange. In a way, it’s really not bad, and with a few tweaks, I think at least a few people would seriously consider driving it.

DeLorean DMC-12

One cannot simply do an old car reimagination and leave out one of the most outstanding old cars ever. This is the reimagined DeLorean DMC-12. It looks strange, and for some reason, I get the feeling that this car was traveling through time and ended up stuck on an artist’s concept pad in 2006. I had a lot of problems figuring out on what this reinterpretation is based upon, and perhaps that’s because there’s nothing terribly modern about it.

dmc delorean budget direct reimagined

The car we have here does not actually look well-designed enough to be considered a serious remaster of the famed car from the Eighties, though. Honestly, it looks more like a teenager Photoshop attempt. Then again, if you squint really hard, a bit of Audi Quattro pops out at you and suddenly this car has all-new potential.

Oldsmobile Cutlass

The Cutlass is definitely the most famous Oldsmobile car of all time. After all, compared to all of the other models they’ve produced, the Cutlass was the best selling one by far. So, having the same idea remastered once again – at least in this amateurish form – is not surprising. The designers of these interesting pieces did, in fact, bestow the remastered Cutlass with the iconic grill; a shape everyone can relate to that really conveys the presence of a true Cutlass.

oldsmobile cutlassbudget direct reimagined

Actually, I think this interpretation may be the best work of fiction you can find in this article.

Rover 75

Sure, the Rover 75 may not be a well-known machine for American drivers, but it definitely was popular in the UK. More importantly, this new interpretation actually looks kinda sleek and generously endowed with modern styling cues.

rover 75 budget direct reimagined

It’s about not that we’re reminded this is only a fictional piece of someone who isn’t exactly all that into cars, else it wouldn’t have such a short and low front end which, proportionally, does not correspond well with the rest of the car. Some simple proportion modifications would do wonders to it. Nevertheless, I feel kinda honored to see all these different ideas crammed into the sedan and not on an SUV.

Tatra JK 2500

Interestingly enough, SUVs do not dominate this list. Sedans and two-door coupes do. This realization fits in perfectly with that article I wrote about the cars of the future that kids actually designed. Back to the Tatra. You may have never heard about it, but the Tatra JK 2500 is probably the most beautiful car you never knew existed.

tatra jk 2500 budget direct reimagined

It is a sublime exercise in post WW2 design complementing all the right ingredients. It had long overhangs, a long bonnet, the seats positioned really close to the rear wheels and everything else one may expect from a European sports coupe from back then. The modern Budget Direct interpretation is not as silky smooth, but it definitely is something I could imagine competing with the likes of the TVR.

FYI, the Tatra JK 2500 is a Czech product with an air-cooled V8 with 105 hp and massive wheels.

Plymouth Barracuda

As another cool and rather curious reinterpretation of the muscle car, the Budget Direct Plymouth Barracuda most certainly takes the looks of the old famed car and reinvigorates it with some of the styling features of today.

plymouth barracuda budget direct reimagined

Vintage “hemi” stripe, massive shoulders and cool finish do recall some of the finest Barracuda traits of before. Not much to be said about this one though; take it or leave it.

SAAB PhoeniX

Saab is no longer among the living. Yet some of their cars most definitely are embedded into gearhead consciousnesses all over the world. However, I am not quite sure you do know a lot about the concept called the Phoenix. The car was one of the last efforts of SAAB to reinvigorate the brand and entice buyers. The small two-door looked curious. So much so that it entered auto renderings list of Budget Direct. Honestly, I could easily see this car cruising city streets in the 2030’s. It seems like the direction the automotive industry could be heading, and I think the Aussies (Budget Direct is from down under) hit the nail on the head here.

saab phoenix budget direct reimagined

All in all, this may be the last of SAAB we’ll see in a long time.


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