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Classic Datsun 240Z Drag Racer Ready for a New Owner

Published April 8, 2016

Collector interest in the Datsun 240z has been increasing over the past several years. Many very nice examples have been changing hands at ever increasing prices.

One such Datsun 240Z that has recently come onto the market is a very original looking vehicle. However, this particular vehicle stands apart from the others in one special way, it is a drag racer.

240Z Drag Racer 1

From afar, the 1973 Datsun 240z drag racer looks stock wearing only a period-correct paint job. However, as one gets closer, it becomes immediately apparent that this is no ordinary Z car. The oversize rear wheel, bulging hood scoop and wheelie bar extending out from the rear of the car indicate that this is indeed something special.

240Z Drag Racer 2

Currently for sale in Oklahoma City, Oklohoma, this particular vehicle has already been featured in Hot Rod Magazine.

240Z Drag Racer 3

According to the seller, this 240z is a ‘turn key 9 second street / drag strip’ car. The in-line six cylinder engine that the car left the factory has long since been replaced by a 355 cubic inch small block Chevy engine running iron heads, nitrous pistons, and a solid cam. The engine is running a 12.5 to 1 compression and is topped off with 125 shot of nitrous. The seller states that the engine is very dependable with low runs.

240Z Drag Racer 4

Converting the massive power produced by the engine into forward motion is a Built Turbo 350 transmission built by famed transmission builder Steve Casner.. Putting forward motion to the rear wheels is a 9 inch Ford rear end with a 31 spline spool held together by ladder bars and wheelie bars.

240Z Drag Racer 5

The body of the Z-car is reinforced to accommodate the tremendous power and forces created by the engine. It has a 2×3 custom frame and cage extending from the front of the vehicle to the rear.

240Z Drag Racer 6

Suspension modifications include custom front struts with an adjustable coilover suspension. The chassis was completed by one of the best 6 second door slammer chassis builders in the business.

Modifications extend to the inside of the vehicle where a complete aluminum interior has been added, including race seats and Autometer gauges.

240Z Drag Racer 7

The Z-car has just completed a full restoration where it received a full paint job, tune-up and new Hoosier 31/16.5/15 QuickTime tires.

According the seller, “the car hooks very hard with a 0-60 time of 1.3 seconds.” Right around $80,000 has been spent to create this deliciously fast beast. If that is the case, the $28,999 the seller is asking for the Z-car could be a downright bargain.

240Z Drag Racer 8

One thing is for certain regarding this car, it is unique and another similar to it is unlikely to exist. With that said, it is definitely a good way to stand out in your neighborhood if that is what you are after.



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