Classic Racetrack Slaying 65 Corvette

Published February 24, 2015

65-Corvette-Featured Image 65-Corvette-39-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-35-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-33-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-32-copy-800x533Take a 1965 Chevrolet Corvette and sell its soul to satan at the Gearhead crossroads and in return you are granted a sinful spawn ready to annihilate all its competitors. The only thing that is going to beat this Corvette is a young and old priest with some holy water (If they can catch up).65-Corvette-31-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-28-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-16-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-14-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-11-copy-800x533

There are always those who I converse with that are shocked, Shocked! I tell ya that someone would alter a classic such as a 1965 Corvette and make it go around corners faster. This Vette is simply, in my opinion the best of both worlds. Take the unbeatable styling cues and romanticism that coincides with the classics and give it an updated heart transplant, wider shoulders and fat ass and some sticky rubbers so wide that it can proudly buy the Magnums at the pharmacy with confidence.65-Corvette-27-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-25-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-24-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-10-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-9-copy-800x533

This car has been in the same family since the 80’s and was the result of various modifications done to it by previous owners. So this was never a numbers matching barn queen waiting for Jay Leno to pucker his fat chin and lips on her to awaken from a 50 year slumber. No this Corvette was always pushed to be a track demigod.65-Corvette-7-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-6-copy-800x533

As you would expect out of a newly modded track car to find your typical LS engine with tons of forced induction goodies surrounding it, that simply is not the case here. The engine bay is fitted with a 364 cu. in. with track ready aluminum heads and a TPiS fuel injection setup normally aspirated. Now the internals of this V8 include a lightweight crankshaft, roller cams that can hit 10,000 rpm and HS roller rockers. This allows the 364 cu. in to spin in excess of 7500 rpm and not eat itself.65-Corvette-2-copy-800x533 65-Corvette-5-copy-800x533

The engine is producing around 525 hp and 500 lb-ft of torque and sent to a bulletproof Muncie 4-speed. The suspension is not a basket of techno wizardry but mostly just stiffer and beefier shocks and springs. What is noticeable is the fat 18×12’s this Vette is packing. Not only are the rear wheels this wide but all four wheels are 12’s giving this hunkered down 65 Corvette a nice sticky contact patch. And to help slow this beast is a set of six-piston Wilwoods in front and 4-piston rears. 1965 Corvette Track Time Attack Gearheads

For this writer I must say that this 65 Corvette is something I really admire as its black accents and attention to sleek body lines give you every bit of appeal the Corvette deserves and even with a Lexan rear spoiler on the car for added downforce, has been left clear as to not draw attention away from the sleek body lines of the car.

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Photography Credit – Mike Garrett

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