Classified Moto’s Fierce GSX-R1000 Streetfighter

Another Epic Custom From Classified Moto

Updated August 13, 2018

Classified Moto have a habit of impressing us, and this time they’ve returned with an awesome 2013 GSX-R1000 custom that looks like it has rolled straight out of a post-apocalyptic future. We’ll admit that the words “post-apocalyptic” have been bandied around a little to liberally by the custom motorcycling press in recent years, but when it comes to Classified Moto, there is no other way to describe their distressed but fierce design aesthetic. And what do we like best about them? Well, it’s not just a lacquered up, rusty tank bolted on to a CB400 and called a “custom”… It’s well thought out, it looks the business, and most importantly, it has the performance to match its edgy aesthetic.

Classified Moto GSX-R1000 1

Classified Moto GSX-R1000 2

It isn’t often that a sportsbike gets this kind of custom treatment, and we’re glad that details of this build have finally filtered down. As you can see, it’s not much of a sportsbike anymore, it’s more of a streetfighter – but that doesn’t mean that the engine doesn’t pack the same powerful punch. The original owner was inspired by Classified Moto’s signature style and shipped his bike from Hawaii to Classified’s home base in Richmond, Virginia with a simple brief: turn a Suzuki GSX-R into something a little more upright, with an aggressive, apocalyptic look. “Basically a 190 mph urban assault bike for blasting around Oahu,” says Classified boss, John Ryland.

Classified Moto GSX-R1000 3

Classified Moto GSX-R1000 4

The only rules were these: to keep the original tank, to stay away from any drastic swing arm or frame modifications, and to have an under the seat exhaust. Since the GSX-R is such a versatile platform, and blessed with a removable subframe, Classified Moto got began by fabricating a new trellis style subframe to open up the rear end, making room for the brand new exhaust.

Classified Moto GSX-R1000 5

Classified Moto GSX-R1000 6

Thanks to the new exhaust arrangement, Classified decided to use a lot of reflective heat shielding on the tail section, and worked on the gap between the pipe and the subframe. Since the bike was destined for Hawaii upon completion, a heated seat would no doubt be an unwelcome addition. With the exhaust sorted, Classified turned their attention to the engine. The GSX-R engine really didn’t need any attention, but the guys decided to take the 180 hp machine to Redline Performance Motorsports in Yorktown for a little upgrading and refining.

Classified Moto GSX-R1000 7

Classified Moto GSX-R1000 8

As for the rest of the aesthetics, they’ve given the tank a radical new look without having to make any real changes. Sure, the tank was stripped back to bare metal and powder coated, but Classified approached the job from a different angle. The plastic cover has been replaced with stretched waxed cotton, which is something we haven’t seen before – and it works. All of the bike’s stock brackets and fixings have been replaced with more elegant pieces to fit the post-apocalyptic vibe of the bike, and there’s now a really neat stainless steel overflow reservoir for the bike’s coolant. Take a look at the sight glass! It’s pretty damn awesome.

Classified Moto GSX-R1000 9

Classified Moto GSX-R1000 10

Interestingly, nothing drastic has really happened to the GSX-R, so should the owner ever want to return it to stock, it can easily be done. The subframe can be unbolted in favor of the original, the plastics can be bolted back on, and bam, your GSX-R is back to its sporty old self in no time. The only modification to the frame came in the form of a minor shave – a couple of millimeters were removed from the steering stop landings, to give the GSX-R a little more room to maneuver.

Classified Moto GSX-R1000 11

It’s one of the most impressive builds that has done the rounds on the usual custom bike blogs, and we hope to see more sportsbikes customs like this in the future. And I’m sure we’ll all agree that this is definitely a refreshing change from the usual Honda CB scrambler, café racer, flat tracker stuff that are becoming ten a penny these days. More like this, please!


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