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Variable Speed Polisher by Black Decker

Finding the Perfect Car Polish Machine for Your Vehicle

So, you’ve seen what kind of magic a good car polish can do for your vehicle and you’re ready to step it up a notch and buy a car polish machine to get the job done better and faster?  Well, you’ve come to the right spot!  We’ve done plenty of research to find you the…

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Ranking the 10 Best Car Upholstery Cleaners 2018

Out of all the individual parts and sections that comprise your vehicle, the interior is by far the hardest to get and keep clean. Your car interior is riddled with small nooks and crannies that accumulate dirt and dust that can leave the interior of your car looking grimy and gross. Not to mention how…

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10 Best Car Polish 2018?

I’ve always said that marketing is eventually going to destroy any consumer trust that remains today. It’s amazing just how many brands of car polish you can find on the shelves when you go to your local department store or automotive supply store. On Amazon, there are literally thousands of different kinds of car polish…

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Ranking the 10 Best Car Glass Cleaners 2018

No one likes a dirty car, especially one with streaked, greasy windows. In fact, it doesn't matter if your car is absolutely spotless - if you neglect your automotive glass, your ride doesn't shine at its full potential. Why Use Car Glass Cleaner? The main question surrounding car glass is whether or not it can…

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Easy Wash Stick by AutoRight

Best Car Wash Brush List of 2018

Shopping for a good car wash brush can prove to be a difficult task since the market is flooded with tons of cheap, low-quality and useless products. Once upon a time, in the not-so-distant past (when cash was the primary source of American currency and before we started paying for most things with plastic), the…

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Garage Wall-mounted Car Wash Vacuum by Bissell

Finding the Best Car Vacuum in 2018

One of the fastest growing segments in the automotive cleaning supply industry is the car vacuum segment.  Traditionally, almost all Americans have gone to their local or commercial car wash to get a good interior carpet cleaning.  However, the typical American can spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars throughout their life when they could…

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Ranking the 10 Best Car Leather Cleaners of 2018

There is a reason that high-end and luxury vehicles include a leather interior and a recommended car leather cleaner for tidying said interior. Leather makes for a better car interior, and whether it is synthetic or not, is hands down more aesthetically pleasing, softer, and more luxurious than any other material used in vehicle interiors. When…

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Ranking The 10 Best Car Steam Cleaners of 2018

You’ve tried everything but those stubborn upholstery stains and, worse yet, offensive odor simply will not relinquish their stinky grip on the interior of your car. Luckily, there is a tried and true solution to unsightly, stubborn stains and odors in your car. Just as the dry cleaners use steam to release stains and odors…

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Ranking the Best Brake Dust Cleaners of 2018

Do you see that black, dusty, gunk-like substance all over your wheels? That’s called brake dust, and it's more than just unsightly - it’s terrible for your ride. Brake dust builds up over time on rims and hubcaps during the normal life of any vehicle. Brake dust isn't hard to accumulate, but it is hard…

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