CODA & STEM Collaboration

CODA Battery Technology + STEM Control System = Hybrid Building

Updated February 8, 2017

CODA & STEM CollaborationCODA Automotive, a manufacturer of electric vehicles in southern California, is actually just a subsidiary of CODA Energy, a developer and manufacturer of lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and management systems. In a press release yesterday, CODA Announced that the they are partnering with STEM, a provider of energy optimization services. You’ve heard of hybrid electric vehicles [HEV] and electric vehicles [EV], but you may never have heard of a hybrid electric building [HEB?].

The same technology that gives HEVs and EVs their excellent power and fuel economy is now going into two buildings run by InterContinental Hotels, the Mark Hopkins and the San Francisco. Ed Solar, CODA Energy senior vice president, said of the collaboration, “Our project with Stem showcases the adaptability of our core technology, and demonstrates how it helps to solve real energy challenges.”

Building owners and vehicle owners have some of the same concerns when it comes to economy, especially when it comes to spending energy when and where it is most efficient, and recovering energy where possible. As a system, whether an EV, HEV, or HEB, hybrid electric technology leads to greater energy savings while delivering the performance expected.

In an HEV or EV, rechargeable battery packs store energy to be used later, whether from the grid, the engine, or regenerative braking system. Sophisticated control systems govern battery charge and discharge, accessory power, engine usage in the case of an HEV, resulting in vehicle efficiency as high as 100 mpg-e in some cases.

Building operators have to balance energy consumption in, not only computer systems and electronics, but also lighting and air conditioning. Depending on occupancy, weather, sunlight, and changing power demands, a lot of energy can be wasted. STEM’s building control systems, paired with CODA Energy’s battery technology, keeps track of variable demand, electricity pricing, and environmental factors. Even simple things, such as automated window shades to cut solar load, and storing cheap electricity at night to be released during peak hours, can save up to 15% in operating costs.



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