Concept Cars 2015

Updated October 30, 2014

2015 is expected to be a very dynamic year, having in mind that there are lots of concept cars that should enter the production lines by this year. The concept cars 2015 are usually represented by the electricity as the future power train used by the car manufacturers for their upcoming models. Thus, we should expect a lot of luxurious sedans with great performances on the road, as well as great efficiency levels. The 2015 list of concept cars includes various models from the German manufacturers such as BMW, Mercedes Benz, Audi and the others, the American manufacturers and car manufacturers which come from the Far East. In the future car shows, we can expect to be bombarded from all these manufacturers with concept cars that are expected to enter the production lines in the upcoming years.

Concept cars 2015: BMW i8

This model from the Bavarian manufacturer has been on the list of concept cars for a long period of time. However, all that time was used by the German engineers to make this model even better. Thus, the concept cars 2015 list will be richer with a very advanced vehicle such as the BMW i8 sustainable magic. This model will be as quick as the latest model of M3 and will return 75 MPG at the same time. The plug in hybrid system and the whole technology included in this vehicle makes it one of the most advanced at this period, so the real BMW admirers cannot wait to test it on the race tracks.


Smart Forspeed Concept

Another interesting project that is included in the 2015 concept cars list is the Smart Forspeed Concept. This is a small city vehicle which attracts everyone with its amazing design. Moreover, it provides interesting fixtures when it comes to the road performance. The car is powered by a 30 kW electric motor that allows max speed of 75 mph. The roofless and windowless vehicle has a button in the central console that activates additional 5 kW electrical powers. This car from the concept cars 2015 list will be able to pass 84 miles of range with a fully charged battery, which is an amazing feature. Another interesting fact is that it takes something like 45 minutes to charge the battery from 0 to 80 percent. With all these features, this concept car is believed to be a huge hit on the market once it enters the production lines.




Other concepts

As it was mentioned previously, the 2015 concept cars list will be occupied with American based vehicles, as well as vehicles from the Asian continent. Therefore, we are able see the latest developments from these manufacturers through the latest concept cars 2015 releases. For instance, Cadillac has represented its ELR version of an electric sports car that is planned to enter the mass production in the upcoming years. There are also some speculations about the new hybrid car from Audi, as the manufacturer has intentions to include the e-tron Spyder in the offer for the next few years. All in all, we can assume that 2015 will be a very busy year, so we should wait to see what will happen until then.





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