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Concours De Zoom: A Star Studded Online Mercedes Car Show

Big Stars Share Their Passion For Mercedes-Benz

Mercedes Benz Concours De Zoom

Mercedes-Benz USA put together a star-studded live Zoom meet up, which they called Concours De Zoom. You can now watch a recording of the event on YouTube. Each of the eight big-name super-stars on the Zoom video-conference talked about their passion for Mercedes-Benz and showed off their personal vehicles.

In the time of the COVID-19 pandemic this might just be the future of car shows and/or automotive marketing.

Mercedes-Benz Concours De Zoom

The reality is that most of the guests in the video are Mercedes-Benz ambassadors, and the whole thing was a  commercial for the brand. The Concours De Zoom was all about talking about the passion and history of Mercedes. Half the video is marketing fluff around the modern Mercedes lineup.  The other half shows the long history of Mercedes-Benz and passion for the classics.

Jay Leno’s Mercedes Collection

As usual, Jay Leno stole the show. His passion, knowledge, and experience with the automobile is second to none. He was extremely personable and funny as well, which stood in contrast to some of the stiff, almost scripted, content from others.

Leno gave us a quick tour of the Mercedes-Benz section of this garage. He gave us a good look at his 1908 chain-drive Mercedes with a Benz Aero-engine nicknamed Rabbit-the-First. While the upgraded disk brakes make it “much safer,” the exposed chain drive helps keep the driving experience authentic to the period.

Leno also talked highly of his 1972 Mercedes 600 Kompressor, which he called “the ultimate luxury car.” He thought it would be the perfect car for Martha Stuart and Ludacris to be driven in and conduct business in. Leno also joked that there was no need for a stereo system in the car, as there was probably enough room in the back for a full live band.

Concours De Zoom Guests

The following are all the guests on the first-ever Mercedes-Benz Concours De Zoom and the cars they showcased:

More Mercedes-Benz Concours De Zoom?

A donation, for an undisclosed amount, was given by Mercedes-Benz on behalf of each guest on the Counrours De Zoom. The Red-Cross is the recipient of the donation, in support of front line workers in the fight against COVID-19. Marketing that entertains and helps out a good cause is good marketing.

In the video the host hinted that this was just the first Concours De Zoom. Maybe we’ll see more online Mercedes car passion soon. Do you want to see more content like this from Mercedes and other car manufacturers?

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