Confederate Motorcycles – P51 Combat Fighter

Confederate’s P51 Combat Fighter Is Art On Two Wheels

Updated August 9, 2018

If you take practicality and affordability out of the equation, you’d be fool not to take a look at Confederate Motorcycle’s latest work of art. I say work of ‘art’ because come on, you’re not seriously going to ride the thing are you? It’s called the P51 Combat Fighter and it’s the second generation of their 2009 classic, the P120 Fighter. Boasting nothing less than a 200 hp V twin engine and a body of high end billet aluminum that seamlessly integrates the engine and transmission, it does come with a hefty price tag. But when it comes to art, who cares about the cost?

P51 Combat Fighter 1

People pay serious money for luxury cars so why should motorcycles be any different? We’ve covered a few of Confederate’s previous builds before and no matter what way you look at them, you can’t help but admire the sheer quality of their design and engineering departments! Based out of Birmingham, Alabama, Confederate Motorcycles have been wowing the motorcycling public for quite some time now, so if you haven’t heard of them, check the links for a few more of their creations.

P51 Combat Fighter 2

The P51 Combat Fighter by Confederate Motorcycles

Now, the P51 began life as a cleverly designed monocoque frame built entirely out of big boy, 6061-T6, mother f*cker aerospace quality aluminum, which was built to accommodate a whopping V-twin engine, the transmission, gas tank and head stock into one, solid unit. According to the guys at Confederate, the frame is: “the stiffest, most fatigue-resistant and lightest chassis capable of housing the greatest amount of torque as a percentage of weight ever achieved in all of motordom.” Process that.

P51 Combat Fighter 3

The engine itself is a 57 degree V-twin, which has been modified to accommodate a few more cc’s, from the original (and still impressive) 1966cc up to the new 2163cc. The horsepower also supersized up from 160 hp to a massive 200 hp and the torque has also graduated a fair few pegs as well, from 135 lb-ft to 170 lb-ft. All of this was made possible by the application of new cylinder heads and a new air intake, which you can hunt for  in the pictures.

P51 Combat Fighter 4

The most striking feature of the P51 is undoubtedly the radical girder suspension at the front. It’s a new design that incorporates an adjustable shock whilst giving the front end an incredibly powerful stance. The shock absorbing duties at the rear have been taken up by the left hand side of the swing arm, rather than an obvious monoshock choice, which is a nice detail. Like all Confederate machines, nothing has been spared the first class treatment: the brakes are high end 4D Aerotec, Beringer units complete with radial calipers.

P51 Combat Fighter 5

P51 Combat Fighter 6

Also, unlike some of their previous builds, Confederate Motorcycles have given the P51 some kind of semblance of a seat. The P51’s predecessor, the P120 wasn’t well endowed in that department and by the looks of things, this model’s isn’t much or an improvement, but at least it’s some. But like all things motorcycle, you’ve got to sacrifice comfort for speed or aesthetics (or in this case both). To keep the overall weight down, aluminum has been used on everything from the frame, engine cases etc etc and also features carbon wheels too. It still weighs 226.7 kg though but with a massive engine in the mix, what can you do? And honestly, so very few of us will ever have the opportunity to see one or ride one, let alone own one, so it’s not worth complaining about.

P51 Combat Fighter 7

About that: 61 of these are getting made, 31 will be finished in raw aluminum and a further 30 in anodized black and they’ll be costing a mere $113,900 for the former and $119,500 for the latter. You’ll get a whopping $10,000 discount if you order before September 7th

P51 Combat Fighter 8

Forget about the money though: this really is a gorgeous thing to look at. And that’s all that matters for those of us who will never be rich enough to buy one.


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