Confirmed: Ducati Are Working On A V4 Superbike For The Masses!

We’d Love To See A Ducati V4 Superbike On The Road

Updated August 17, 2018

While these pictures are of Ducati’s 2017 MotoGP bike, they serve as a great illustration of what us mere mortals may be able to enjoy in the near future. That’s right! Ducati are working on a V4 superbike that us Average Joes can have a chance at owning…and if all goes to plan, we could be expecting an unveiling by as soon as 2018. Then again, Ducati do have a penchant for whetting our appetite, and then spoiling our dinner by making our dream bikes into ultra-special-edition-rich-rider-only, serial numbered, limit runs. Hopefully, this will be something we can all enjoy…

New Ducati V4 1

At the unveiling of Ducati’s all-new MotoGP livery for the 2017 season (yeah, it’s the livery only – the 2017 bikes themselves are under guard until the first formal tests of the year are under way) Ducati boss Claudio Domenicali confirmed that the firm are working on a new Ducati V4 derived superbike. Thanks to the success of the 1000cc V4 Desmosedici race prototypes, Ducati want to bring a watered down version to the masses.

New Ducati V4 2

Talking to, Mr. Domenicali explained: “The engine development we have made in MotoGP is exceptional. We have an engine which is very reliable, very light, compact, and has a lot of interesting technology. We are seriously thinking of introducing it to regular customers, because it is a masterpiece of engineering.” Naturally, Domenicali was quick to add: “Of course, translated into a something that can be sold for a reasonable, if not premium price. So, it will not be a kind of exotic bike like the Desmosedici, but a more regular high-end sport bike.”

New Ducati V4 3

Though no details were carelessly leaked, there’s good reason to believe that a V4 Ducati sportsbike could be in the dealerships by as soon as 2018. Why? Because of a little thing called the World Superbike Championship, and the all-important homologation rules. A V4 that passes the homologation rules, that has been developed from MotoGP technology, is exactly what Ducati are in need of. Does that mean that it could be the end of the Panigale R? It doesn’t have to be, but when you’re in search of race results, the V4 arrangement is a more appetizing choice for Ducati and any potential privateer teams.

New Ducati V4 4

Paolo Ciabatti, Ducati’s Sporting Director told Asphalt and Rubber that Ducati will continue to race the Panigale R for 2017 and 2018, so mark your calendar for 2019, because if it’s going to appear on the race scene, it will have to be after the Panigale is retired (for racing at least). Because, as interesting as this sounds, one bike doesn’t have to leave the roster to make room for another one. It would be very cool if Ducati managed to keep a Desmo-derivative and a Panigale in the same shed, having the V-twin and new Ducati V4 as different weapons for different customers.

New Ducati V4 5

Well, it’s food for thought – no matter which way you look at it. We’ll have to wait and see to find out how this story progresses. Some sources are guessing at an unveiling of the new Ducati V4 by the end of this year (2017) while others are thinking that 2018 is more likely. I’m not sure what to think – I’m not quite over the SuperLeggera yet…

New Ducati V4 6

In the meantime, enjoy these pictures of the Desmocedici GP16 wrapped in the 2017 livery – or what I’m hoping a Ducati V4 Sportsbike could look like in the near future…Just cut and paste your own face over Jorge Lorenzo or Andrea Dovizioso’s mug, and it almost feels like you own one.

New Ducati V4 7 New Ducati V4 8


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