Cool Pope Francis Has A New Car And It’s A Hyundai

The New Popemobile is a Sweet Drop-Top Santa Fe, in White (Of Course)

Updated September 6, 2018

At the same time when Pope Francis waved to the amazed crowd in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina from his G-class popemobile, car sites from all over the world reported that Pope Francis had gotten a new car. They weren’t talking about his humble Ford Focus (really, it’s his other official car), but he got a real new popemobile and – wait for it… it’s a Hyundai. From all the car manufacturers you could think of, the new popemobile has been created and modified by Hyundai. You can be amazed now.

Pope Francis Car Hyundai Santa Fe

If we go back a bit into history, we can find that there were a number of popemobiles with the most astonishing ones being from car producers in Italy. Back in 1982, the Pope was driven in and greeted disciples from the Fiat Panda, a rather hideous but quite capable small Italian hatch. However, one car, in particular, is rather interesting. The Fiat Campagnola is a small Italian all-terrain vehicle and the version converted to be the new popemobile was used for transportation of Pope John Paul II on May 13, 1981, in Vatican City. On that day one of the members of the militant fascist group Grey Wolves from Turkey had a mission to kill the Pope. He almost succeeded, but the Pope lived although he lost third of the blood from his body. Now, the Campagnola is in a museum and after it, the popemobile has frankly never been the same.

Hyundai Santa Fe New Popemobile

The official Vatican mainly used Mercedes-built vehicles (with the ML class popemobile and the G-class popemobile being the most famous ones). Now, however, Pope Francis, who is quite remarkably the most popular Pope ever, wants to show the people his humility by ditching the Mercedes and driving in something more affordable. The Santa Fe is definitely a more affordable choice, but c’mon, who would ever think the Pope might end up in a Hyundai?

The Hyundai Santa Fe Popemobile actually doesn’t look bad. It looks like a Hyundai take on the Nissan Murano CrossCabriolet and we are certain this one from Hyundai with a warranty plan like no other would sell better. The changes made to the car include chopping the roof, installing a few handles so Pope Francis could have something to hold on to that wasn’t a rosary, and adding a few steps outside. Really, there isn’t much fuss about it. We even think there is a diesel engine inside.

New Popemobile Hyundai Side View

However, the staggering fact is that Pope Francis’ car doesn’t have any bulletproof glass to protect him while he is traveling and preaching his love to the people outside. After the assassination attempt on John Paul II, every popemobile has been equipped with a special bulletproof compartment from where the Pope could wave to people.

When asked why Pope Francis’ car does not feature bulletproof glass, the Pope remarked, “I cannot greet the people and tell them I love them inside a sardine can, even if it is made of glass. For me it is a wall.” So really, this bold new move comes from a place of revolutionary love and not of fear – a move that is unlikely to be copied by the next Pope in succession.

We’ll be the first to admit that it takes some pretty large papal cojones to omit a potentially life-saving device for the sake of being able to actually interact with your following, but it’s probably little things like this that make him the most popular Pope in history.

So, having a drop top Hyundai Santa Fe is cool. Now, the new Pope can continue his crusade to reconcile the Catholic faith with science, gays, contraception and everything else but this time, with a nice breeze. Hopefully, they keep a few Holy Hand Grenades in the glove compartment – just in case.


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