Could This Be The Honda ZSX?

Could this really be the new ZSX or just a modded Honda?

Updated June 14, 2018

We’ve managed to get hold of the photos of a mystery Honda being offloaded from a shipment truck in California. While it’s evidently a concept – production vehicles from what we know have roofs – it very much looks like a thing that might, in the end, become the Honda ZSX, also referred to as the baby NSX.

For starters, this is identical to a little NSX. The aero dynamism and the pointy details are all pure NSX. Its tiny frontal area is a clear sign that it’s a mid-engine car.

Then there’s an elaborate detail of where it is located. Our secret photographer spotted this concept loitering around California, which according to my Atlas, is in America, not only where the NSX was created, but also whose Honda office supposedly recommends for small sports car venture.

Therefore, if we agree that Honda is looking to develop a baby NSX – and a brand application indicates they are – Ohio, where the other NSX was built would be an ideal location to start. Particularly, if you note that its anticipated engine, the 2.0l inline-four that drives the Civic Type R also originates from Ohio.

All super exhilarating to be sure, however, some few features raises doubts onto all this; like the Honda Badges. In America, A baby NSX would definitely be marked as an Acura. And since it’s a roofless car, you could see it as an indication that it will instead be a predecessor of the much loved S2000. Really. You could. Nobody is stopping you.

Better yet, you could take it as a sign that it’s just a design study. Regardless of how you see it, this thing looks cool. All we can do is hope that in the New York International Auto show coming in April, all the uncertainty around this concept will be cleared up.




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