Crazy Russian Supercar Owners Top 200 MPH on 6/10 Mile Long Drag Strip

Updated July 22, 2015

Russians with 500+ HP supercars drag race side-by-side down a track too long and narrow, with no center divider or real spectator protection by US standards.


A 911 is less than 6′ wide so it’s not too hard to estimate the width of each lane

On top of that, drivers require only a basic operators license (no special training or instruction) and can carry a passenger on their run. While everyone must wear helmets, only the top classes are required to wear a fire suit.


Not much protection for spectators if things go wrong

The annual event, called the “Unlim 500+”,  was held for the 15th time last month at the Russian Central Scientific Research Automobile and Automotive Engine Institute, in Dmitrov, Russia, just north of Moscow. Somehow the name translates into the acronym  NAMI,  and the track used is a test strip inside a larger vehicle proving grounds. The lanes appear to be the standard width for the area: 4.0 meters or about 13 feet, less than half what the NHRA requires.  Not much room if something goes wrong.


Reaction time isn’t calculated in a competitor’s ET

An interest twist they put on run times: the run doesn’t start at the green light but when you react to the green light, so reaction time isn’t included in your run time. There are prizes for lowest reaction times, though.


This year’s winning car, driven by Oleg Kondako

Top speed this year was set by Oleg Kondako at 208.395 though it fell short of the 220.823 mph clocked by Dmitri S. last year, each driving their own heavily-modified Nissan R35 GT-R. The absolute top speed record was set by a Saleen S7 GT-1 Le Mans race car back in 2004 at 233.014 miles per hour.

In the Stock Class, a Lamborghini LP 700-4 Aventador hit 169. 46 mph, while in the GT Class a Jeep Grand Cherokee SRT-8 tricked-out with a twin turbo at 120.407 mph.


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