Ten Military Machines With Crazy Torquey Engines

These Huge Torque Figures Redefine The Term “Military Might”

Updated November 17, 2018

Incredibly, the ten military vehicles featured within this list have a range of 1028 lb.-ft. to 2750 lb.-ft. torque. These vehicles are required to be robust, reliable, and above all extremely powerful. Despite their hefty weight and often large, bulky style, each of these machines are mobile and have impressive performance in terms of sheer power. We have selected the ten most impressive machines and discussed the factors contributing to our choice, with a focus on their actual purpose, the specific engine they each use, and the generation of their tremendous torque. We were left amazed at the torque statistics of these military vehicles and are pretty certain you will be too. Although not the prettiest of creations, they deserve appreciation.

10. IAV Stryker – 1028 lb.-ft.


Heavy war vehicles commonly use tracks, but not the IAV Stryker, who instead opts for the use of wheels, a whole eight of them. The tracks don’t assist in gaining speed, whereas the use of wheels in this powerful machine contributes to the 60mph it can achieve. This enormous creation includes the hefty Caterpillar C7 which creates that 1028 lb.-ft. of torque.


9. AAV-P7/A1 – 1127 lb.-ft.


The AAV, abbreviation of Amphibious Assault Vehicle, is designed as a method of escorting soldiers from one place to another. The idea of this landing vehicle is dated, although the development of upgrades ensures its modernity. The new version relies on the Cummins VTA-525 to generate its torque of 1127 lb.-ft.


8. RG-33 – 1200 lb.-ft.


This huge and heavy machine is designed to withhold impact while at war, with soldiers inside. The inclusion of a turbo-diesel Cummins 400 allows the vehicle to have its 1200 lb.-ft. torque.


7. International MaxxPro Dash – 1250 lb.-ft.


This vehicle’s main aim is the ability to continue with full function while under continuous attack from devices such as deadly bombs. The incorporation of the D9.316 engine assists in an impressive 1250 lb.-ft torque.


6. Bradley Fighting Vehicle – 1423 lb.-ft.

041030-F-2034C-040 An M2A2 Bradley Fighting Vehicle kicks up plumes of dust as it leaves Forward Operating Base MacKenzie in Iraq for a mission on Oct. 30, 2004. The Bradley is assigned to Alpha Troop, 1st Battalion, 4th Cavalry Regiment, 1st Infantry Division. DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Shane A. Cuomo, U.S. Air Force. (Released)

The ability to cart groups of soldiers from one location to another is a huge purpose of this vehicle, in addition to destroying enemy tanks. To ensure its 1423 lb.-ft. torque, the Cummins VTA-903T is essential.


5. M60 AVLB – 1575 lb.-ft.


The ability of this vehicle to carry and withstand unimaginable weight and pressure is made possible with the General Dynamics AVDS-1790-2DE V12 turbo-diesel engine that produces the 1575 lb.-ft. of torque.


4. M109 Howitzer -1738 lb.-ft.


Adopting the Detroit Diesel 8V71T engine allows this enormous and heavy vehicle to move and generate a torque of up to 1738 lb.-ft. Often described as a movable cannon, the power of this engine is stupendously strong.


3. M9 ACE – 2362 lb.-ft.


Sharing the function of a bulldozer, this vehicle is super able and powerful. The inclusion of the Cummins V903C assists in producing the huge 2362 lb.-ft. torque.


2. M88A2 Hercules – 2500 lb.-ft.


This massive machine is tasked with the heavy duty task of towing other vehicles. Therefore the Continental AVDS-1790-8CR is an essential.addition to generate its jaw dropping 2500 lb.-ft. torque.


1. M1 Abrams – 2750 lb.-ft.


Despite its bulk and heavy weight, this machine is assisted with the extremely powerful Honeywell AGT1500C engine which allows the production of the 2750 lb.-ft. torque.



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