Creating A Drifting Monster With The Scion 2JZ FRS.

Updated August 12, 2014


FORMULA-DRIFT-BLACK01 With Spring finally clawing it’s way into the East Coast, we all know that the car shows will be popping off pretty soon, and with the shows comes drifting. Now this segment isn’t going to be about the history of drifting, or how sliding around cones, and clipping points, all started in Osaka Japan. No, no, we’re going to bring a little bit of light to an already bright star in the drifting world, because we all like a good story every now, and again.

 So in the world of drifting there are a lot of great names, such as Vaughn Gitten Jr., Chris Forsberg, Micheal Essa, Daigo Saito, and Robbie Nishida just to name a few. But today we’re going to focus on the man they call Ken Gushi, simply because of the car he will be driving this season in Formula D. For you see, his car’s reputation has far proceeded him, so much so that car itself has it’s own Facebook page. The car you ask? Nothing more than a rear wheel drive Scion FRS, but this wasn’t like any average Scion that someone would buy, and then begin the slow, and most times arduous task of switching over parts to make it look cooler, and drive better. This car has an interesting history, that inevitably led it to becoming a champion among drift cars today.    The guys over at GReddy Performance knew that in order for them to make a solid impact on this year’s Formula D series, they needed to come up with a car that was going to be all encompassing when it runs the track with it’s competitors. They knew that Vaughn’s factory sponsored 2014 RTR Mustang was going to be a very strong competitor this year, along with Micheal Essa, and his slide happy 2005 BMW 3 Series. These, and many others were all hungry for a win, but the guys at GReddy Team Racing needed to be even more hungry for a championship win, so they needed to start from scratch. The CEO of GReddy Racing, Kenji Sumino, told his crew to find a car that would work with a specific proposed budget, and it had to be used. After trolling the web for a bit, the team discovered a Scion FRS that had been involved in a flooding incident somewhere on the East Coast, and for some weird reason, it was decided that this would be the car to use. Hoping for the best, but expecting the worst, the team took delivery of the rusty Scion FRS, and began assessing the damage. To their surprise, the car was in pretty good condition. There wasn’t any frame damage, or signs of a collision anywhere on the car. It was perfect. Well at least it was perfect in the mind of a man who would do nothing more than swap out everything, and sub in all brand new gear.  Side by side was the GReddy team, and Ken Gushi himselfScionFRS.KenGushi-620x413 working on making this washed up Scion FRS, a pure drifting phenomenon. Without going into every single part that went on this car, GReddy sourced some of the best power adding equipment feasible to this project. A GReddy T88H-38GK Turbo, Lightweight pulleys, Type FV blow-off valve, forged pistons, custom intake, custom manifold, custom GReddy exhaust, and all of this was being specifically attached to a Toyota 2JZ, inline 6 cylinder motor. For all of you out there who know what those letters mean, turn to your friends, and explain it to them. The 2JZ motor line was one of Toyota’s strongest, and most popular motors ever made. This motor could be found in cars like the Lexus IS 300 line, the Lexus SC 300, the Lexus GS 300, and the Grand-daddy of them all, the Toyota Supra. This motor has been known to sustain over 1,300Hp in some drag racing applications. Need I say more? 2014FormulaDrift.ScionFRS.KenGushi-620x413 Well, this motor was going to be the dominating factor in the drifting scene. A very powerful motor that had been massaged, stroked, blue printed, assembled, tested, and then tested some more, would be moving this small, and able bodied two door Scion around clipping points in a very exciting manner. Ken Gushi knew first hand that this 2JZ FRS would be his Ultimate Drift Car. The GReddy team continued to bring his dreams to life when they took the time to find the perfect look for the 2JZ FRS, and what they found could only be compared to one other tuning group based in Japan. The team found a body kit from Rocket Bunny, that gave the Scion a look of total aggression, and all out sophistication. The other tuning group that’s been putting out cars like this would be the Liberty Walk crew, that has had the world drunk with automotive desire with their wide body Ferrari & GTR models.  After everything was said, and done the 2014 Scion 2JZ FRS 1310-Ken-Gushi-Greddy-Scion-FRS-Debut-2JZ-Engine-Bay-15was completed, assembled, working, running, drifting, and looking ever so bad ass. There weren’t too many words that could describe the amount of awe that surrounded this car. This would not only be one of the sexiest drift cars in the circuit, but it was the Ultimate Drift Car by any definition of the word. Between the custom suspension setup, the chassis stiffening, the flawless interior work, that 2JZ Toyota Supra motor pumping out well over 600Hp, and Ken Gushi behind the wheel, this year’s Formula D Series promises to be something to behold. Thanks for reading.


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