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One-Off Cruise For A Cause “Hope Edition” Shelby GT500SE To Be Raffled Off For Cancer Research

Performance, Collectable, & For a Good Cause, What’s Not to Like?

Cruise For A Cure Hope Edition Shelby GT500SE

A one-of-a-kind Shelby GT500SE was built for Cruise For A Cause to help raise funds for cancer research. This “Hope Edition” 2021 Shelby GT500SE will travel the U.S. with Cruise For A Cause throughout the year and be raffled off on November 19th, 2021. Besides being a top-spec custom performance car that will no doubt plaster a smile across your face, it’s also sure to be an instant collector’s car. Add in a great cause and you have a seriously winning combo.

Cruise For A Cure Hope Edition 2021 Shelby GT500SE

“Collaborating with Gary Patterson, Vince LaViolette and their team we chose the options that people want the most, like the Carbon Fiber Track Pack and stunning Anti-Matter blue color. Then we added bold ‘Hope Edition’ graphics in key places within and on the outside the car, plus an official Shelby badge noting that it is one of one.” -said Dan Neve, founder of Cruise for a Cause.

2021 Shelby GT500SE Hope Edition

2021 Shelby GT500SE interior

Only 100 numbered Carrol Shelby Signature Edition (SE) Mustang GT500 will be made for the model year 2021. The Hope Edition is a one-of-one version within that 100 vehicle build list. The car will be documented in the official Shelby Registry as such.

The Hope Edition GT500SE is an 800+ hp (on 93 octane fuel) monster of a car that is a top-speced and personalized version of the Carroll Shelby Signature Edition (SE) package for the 2021 Shelby GT500. It is built with upgrades like a dry carbon hood with functional vents, upgraded suspension, and more. The car will come with a 3 year/36,000-mile warranty, and the powertrain warranty from Ford will remain intact.

2021 Shelby GT500SE engine

As a basis for figuring out what this car is worth, consider that the Shelby SE package starts at $29,995, plus opinions like the carbon hood and suspension upgrades. Then you add in the cost of a new 2021 Ford Mustang GT500, which starts at about $70,000, plus shipping to Shelby America in Las Vegas. The Hope Edition car will also get the carbon fiber track package and technology packages from Ford, which will both add quite a lot to the sticker price. Add in the custom “Hope Edition” touches, a one-of-one plaque from Shelby in the interior, and supporting a good cause and you have a very valuable collector car that begs to be driven hard.

Cruise For A Cause

2021 Shelby GT500SE Hope EditionDan Neve founded Cruise For A Cause in 2010 soon after his mother and wife both were diagnosed with breast cancer, only about a month apart. Neve became friends with Carroll Shelby soon after, as he had just purchased a 2021 Shelby GT500 at the time.

“My initial plan was to travel and deliver hope wherever I could for one year,” said Neve. “Now after traveling thousands of miles and attending hundreds of events, Cruise for a Cause is known across the country for our dedication to supporting cancer research. We still continue to meet with survivors, victims and caregivers to offer hope to those who battling this terrible disease.”

With no paid employees and Neve donating his time to the charity all proceeds from Cruise For A Cause events go directly to organizations working on cancer research. We have no doubt all had our lives affected by cancer in some way, so this is a cause that we should all be working together to help solve.

See The Hope Edition GT500SE & Get Your Chance To Drive It Home

2021 Shelby GT500SE Hope EditionThis very special one-off 2021 Shelby GT500SE Hope Edition will make its public debut at Shelbyfest in Jefferson City, Missouri, on May 6. It will then tour the country with Cruise For A Cause until a raffle winner is announced on November 19, 2021.

To buy raffle tickets to support a great cause and get your chance to own this one of a kind Shelby Mustang click HERE.

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