Custom Full Carbon McLaren P1 Fishing Lure?

Check Out This McLaren P1 Custom – You’ll Love It Or Hate It

Updated September 20, 2018

Custom Full Carbon McLaren P1

In this spectacular age of ultra-limited supercars, it is becoming an oh-so-tough burden for folks wishing to turn heads. The struggle is real for these billionaires. So the good folks at McLaren have offered up only two or more hand laids fully carbon-bodied P1’s to the public. One that was shown to the public at Geneva this year and then there is this P1. This must be part of McLarens Make-A-Tycoons-Wish foundation. These custom full carbon McLaren P1 cars must make those other P1 owners look like complete and total knobs. They forked out all that money for only a partial carbon-fiber car. You might as well throw away your P1’s people!

McLaren P1 Custom 1

Covering Up Art

Hundreds if not thousands of man hours were painstakingly taken to match the carbon weave so that a semi-transparent paint would subtly encase this meticulous effort put forth. A homage to craftsmanship and engineering for decades to come…….is painted over to look like a Rapala fishing lure. Technicolor unicorn shart is how I would best describe this paint scheme on this rare custom full carbon McLaren P1.

McLaren P1 Custom 2

Attracting Keepers

Since this custom full carbon McLaren P1 looks like a fishing lure, let’s break it down. Supercars potentially attract mates like a fishing lure attracts fish, so it’s simple science that the owner would give his “lure” an attention getting paint job in order to “hook” a keeper. Adding a hanging CD from the mirror will also help in low light situations.

McLaren P1 Custom 3

But hey, the owner can do whatever he wants as it is his car. As for me, I will still giggle whenever I see images of the McLaren P1 that resembles a 90’s Caprice on 22’s.

If there is one positive thing I can say about this dirty glitter filled baby diaper its this, at least the black accents were painted over. The P1 looks way better in all black when the car is a solid color. Seeing these cars in person makes them look like an unfinished kit car with several plastic black bits seemingly held on by 3M tape unless you can see the carbon weave underneath. I want my million dollar car to look like a million dollars.

Here is the full carbon P1 shown at Geneva

McLaren P1 Custom 4




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