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Dab Desgn BMW R nineT 2

The BMW R nineT Enhanced Racer Kit From Dab Design

Dab Design’s BMW R nineT Custom Setup Is The Coolest Bolt On Kit We’ve Seen!

The BMW R nineT is a great platform for a custom project, but we never thought we’d see the humble boxer twin looking quite so futuristic. While it might not have the same kind of sex appeal as the ferocious Bavarian Fistfighter from Rough Crafts, this awesome project from France’s Dab Design has one superior feature – you can buy the parts as a kit, so you can have one of your own without having to spend too much cash. All you need is a BMW R nineT from 2014 onwards, and then you’ll want to get on to Indiegogo and put some hard cash down for a nice 50% discount on one of Dab Design’s cool kits.

Dab Design’s Awesome BMW R nineT “ER” Kit

Dab Desgn BMW R nineT 2

But what makes this BMW R nineT custom any different from the hundreds of retro themed machines that we’ve seen before? Because let’s be honest, the retro-racer boxer engine BMW has pretty much been done to death, hasn’t it? Well, we like this one because takes that retro racer idea but hammers it into a suave, futuristic shape. Wearing the ER Kit (or Enhanced Racer kit) the BMW R nineT is a new beast entirely. Comprising of 13 parts that bolt on to the original BMW’s mounting points, the ER Kit is a must have for anyone wanting to take their R nineT to the next level.

Dab Desgn BMW R nineT 1

The kit features a new fork head and support, new fenders, side covers, the rear seat cowl, and of course, the front fairing. Dab Design’s kit also includes a new headlight and LED DRLs too. The bodywork comes in two material options: fiberglass or carbon fiber. If you want the fiberglass option, you can benefit from BMW Motorrad colors such as Black, Silver, Racer, and Pure. If you like the carbon fiber option, you can have it in gloss or a matte finish.

Dab Desgn BMW R nineT 3

While the BMW R nineT ER Kit is awesome to look at, there are no performance upgrades in the package. Luckily, the 1170cc boxer twin already produces a modest 110hp and 87.8 lb-ft of torque, so very few riders will be left wanting more.

Dab Desgn BMW R nineT 4

To get your hands on a kit, you’ll have to visit Indiegogo and search for Dab Design’s BMW R nineT ER Kit, and put some cash down – you’ll get the early bird 50% discount too. $2,435 will secure a fiberglass kit, while $4,118 will guarantee you a carbon fiber version. Delivery is expected by June 2018…


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