The Dartz Prombron Is A Serious Armored Vehicle!

Introducing The Extreme Dartz Prombron Armored Vehicle!

Updated October 21, 2018

The Prombron by the Russian armored vehicle builder Dartz is the toughest production vehicle on the road. With the right amount of money it can also be the gaudiest.  One bragging point among the numerous bragging points from the creator and owner of Dartz, Leonard Yankelovich, is that no two of their trucks are like the other on the road. Each is as customized as anyone’s imagination can be carried. Whether they are finished in gold complete with gold bullet rims or have a Jacuzzi in the back or a sexodrome installed, each truck is decidedly different than the other. At one point Yankelovich wanted to install a leather interior made entirely of whale foreskin. Why? Because he could, that’s why. That is until Pamela Anderson swung her powerful assets around and petitioned for the end of that business. And it worked. And to really drive home the point she even gave them the cold shoulder at the 2012 Top Marques Monaco event.

Dartz Prombron

Everything about the Prombron is about excess. Especially the price tag. We’re talking about a one and a quarter million dollar truck here. And just because you have cash doesn’t mean you have class. One simply has to look at how certain wealthy individuals have spec’d their custom Prombrons to see that. One of the first Dartz Prombrons introduced to North America was in the movie The Dictator with Sacha Baron Cohen. But even a model not finished in gold is going to cost an exorbitant amount of money. The entire vehicle is built around a safety cell. The occupants are safely encapsulated inside the truck. And very little can take this truck out. No machine gun of any caliber, no grenade launchers, mines or bazooka can do more than scuff the paint. And in the unlikely event of the Prombron being destroyed there is a black box installed so that the final words of the occupants can be played back. The point to the Dartz Prombron was to make an armored car that was an armored car from inception. Unlike even the Hummer or a Range Rover or any armored car available, the Dartz was created from production to protect the inhabitants of it cabin.

Dartz Prombron 2

Leonard Yankelovich said that other cars transformed into armored vehicles ‘are like boob jobs’. He went on to say that while they ‘look nice they’re not natural and the women don’t feel comfortable with it’. Seriously, that’s what he said. But the point he’s trying to make is that while any car can be transformed into an armored vehicle the occupants will always know that it is still not as safe as is implied. Not like the all natural Dartz. Born and bred an armored vehicle.

Dartz Prombron 3

The Prombron can weight anywhere from 3.5 to 4 tons. And hauling all that weight is a  2000hp engine managing 111mph that gets about 6 to 11mpg. But when you have the money to own one of these fully customized armored tanks on wheels you care not for fuel efficiency. There is nothing pretty about this truck. But it can be said the charm and appeal is its utilitarian styling, much like the Hummer. Yankelovich claims that the truck is agile and ‘behaves naturally’ despite the heavy armor. It doesn’t lose speed or maneuverability.

Dartz Prombron 4

Yankelovich seems to think the Dartz Prombron is genius. He says ‘Genius comes without reason.’ And by genius he means a big gaudy gold, fully armored vehicle that comes with a complimentary gun and a bottle of the finest vodka.

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