DAT Amphicruiser Goes From Road to River With Ease

Published May 10, 2015

Dutch Amphibious Transport (DAT) has taken the phrase “go anywhere” to heart, evidenced from its Amphicruiser, which goes from land to water without any fuss. Although it’s not the first amphibious vehicle to hit the market, the Amphicruiser stands out as perhaps the most practical and reliable of the bunch.


Unlike the glamorous Gibbs Aquada or speedy Watercar Panther, the Amphicruiser is more like your traditional 4×4 that just happens to have the ability to cruise your local waters. In fact, this amphibious vehicle is built around a 4.2-L Toyota Land Cruiser engine to ensure its capabilities on rough terrains, and most people wouldn’t give the Amphicruiser a second glance on the open road.


As an added perk and a testament to its ease of use, there is no special training required to take the Amphicruiser from the road to water. After all, it’s not trying to break any speed records with its “swimming” rate of eight miles per hour nor do its drivers attempt long-range feats of endurance.


In fact, the Amphicruiser was originally designed to be part of an Asian safari park’s fleet of road-to-water, self-driving sightseeing vehicles. For that purpose, this amphibious vehicle more than rises to the occasion, and the Amphicruiser has become DAT’s biggest seller worldwide.


As DAT co-founder Dirk Jan de Jong notes, “”The Amphicruiser is not only the most popular vehicle we make, but it’s the easiest to implement in any situation . . . the Amphicruiser is something that you can run anywhere, it has a lot of purposes.” The chief purpose it seem of the Amphicruiser is as a recreational vehicle to help campers or hunters reach the best out of the way sites or for an out-of-the-ordinary joy ride starting at the bargain price of about $180K.




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