Death Wobble Crash 1

This Death Wobble Motorcycle Crash Will Remind You Wear Your Gear!

Watch as this rider gets caught in a brutal death wobble…

Updated August 23, 2018

This pretty brutal video will definitely encourage you to wear your riding gear – because this death wobble motorcycle crash makes for uncomfortable viewing! We’ve seen crazy speed wobbles motorcycle incidents before, but we haven’t seen one quite like this. The action takes place on the Interstate 80E in California, and we can see a man losing control of his motorcycle in a pretty frightening way. Before we continue, it’s worth mentioning that the rider survived the incident, but he did suffer serious injuries.

Death Wobble Crash 1

The event was filmed by Erica Hoff, who was traveling in a car on the same road as the motorcyclist. She decided to get her phone out and film the scene because the motorcycle didn’t look particularly safe as it merged onto the highway. According to Ms. Hoff, the bike was shaking uncontrollably at certain times. Fearing an accident, she recorded the event in case it would be needed as evidence. Here’s what she had to say in the caption that accompanied the video:

Death Wobble Crash 2

“As he merged, his bike would shake and wobble. He sometimes would only have one hand on the handle bars while it was shaking!” Ms. Hoff also went on to explain that she “couldn’t figure out why it was shaking, but we noticed it would only do it once he hit high speeds,” adding that she had “almost” seen the rider lose control at least six times since he joined the road.

“So I got my phone out, thinking ‘its only a matter of time before he crashes’ and I wanted the video as evidence in case anyone else got hurt,” she told local news.

The Death Wobble Motorcycle Video And Aftermath

In the short video clip, you can clearly see that the motorcycle was going to do something unusual. As the rider continues on his journey, the bike enters an uncontrollable death wobble. The rider tries to wrestle it back under control, but his efforts were in vain. The bike manages to find traction in all the wrong places and even executes a massive 360-degree turn in the process, bringing the rider crashing down hard to the asphalt…face first. The bike continues to slide, dragging the rider along with it.

Death Wobble Crash 3

Hoff and her family called 911 and went to assist the man. Incredibly, he managed to stand and walk to the side of the road by himself, although he was seriously injured. Ms. Hoff wrote in the caption of the video: “His face was really mashed up (his nose looked broken) and arms covered in blood. Crazy road rash!!! I still wonder how he’s doing.” Watch it all unfold below.

This guy was very lucky to escape with his life. Next time you feel life going out for a ride without wearing the proper gear – spare a thought for this guy. He might have survived, but if he was wearing the right gear, he might have suffered much less severe injuries…


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