2014 Cadillac CTS VSport

Definition Of Swag: The 2014 Cadillac CTS VSport

Updated August 13, 2014

 When you talk about SWAG, what immediately comes to mind? Nice clothes, fancy autowise.comfoods, girls on both arms, and the feeling of being one of the coolest people to walk the streets, right? OK, now what about SWAG when it comes to a car? Which car gives the average guy SWAG points? A Benz definitely would do it for you. An Audi S5 would bump you up a few notches, or even a Lamborghini could put you on an entirely different playing field. But what if I told you that you could achieve higher levels of SWAG points with a domestic car? Well, ladies, and gentlemen may I introduce the 2014 Cadillac CTS VSport.


 For quite a bit of time Cadillac has been a driving force when it comes down to the sedan market, and they have been making sure that their name does not fall to far off of the discussion table, anywhere. So, with that said, GM has been perfecting ways to make the Cadillac name bigger, and better than before. With the arrival of the CTS back in 2002, many people took notice of the new Caddy, and it’s ultra sharp lines, and squared off edges. It had the look of something that hasn’t been on the road before, and people were eating all up. Especially with the Escolade looking like a massively bigger version of the CTS. Athletes, Rappers, Musicians, and even Actors were all picking up Escolades, and then buying CTS’s for their loved ones.

 Fast forward eleven more years, and the CTS moniker has come a very long way.2014-Cadillac-CTS-Vsport-front-three-quarters-view-on-Nurburgring Between powerful engines, unstoppable suspension, records at the Nurburgring, and a look, and style that cannot be copied, we now have another version of the already great, and powerful CTS. The 2014 CTS VSport is Cadillac’s newest monster to hit the streets. The VSport is a car that has been created to go after the Germans, and try to beat them at their own game. Rather than dumping a massaged Chevy Crate motor into the VSport, Cadillac opted for a smaller mill that would do the same job, but better. Under the hood sits a 3.6L Twin Turbo Charged DOHC, V6 that produces 420Hp, and 430lb feet of torque. All of this power, and determination is linked to a very sophisticated 8 speed automatic transmission.




 The most positive attribute of the CTS VSport is the fact that it drives like no other sedan on the planet. It’s prowess comes from the light, and throaty V6 power plant, and then the shared Corvette C7 Magnetic Suspension helps maneuver this car wherever you want it to go. The next big feature about the VSport is it’s exterior look. The design team over at Cadillac went with a very futuristic look, all the while keeping it more serious than sci-fi. The vertical LEDs, along with the headlights seem to keep people staring at this car for hours at a time. For this car to be completely stock, boggles the mind as to how that some way, some how that the Germans didn’t come up with this design first. It’s completely domestic, and it’s making a powerful statement. But with the praise of the mighty, also comes the flaws that creep out, and become known to anyone willing to listen. The interior of the CTS VSport is mundane, and border line boring. The CUE infotainment system has been upgraded to work a little better, due to customer feedback, but nevertheless, it still has it’s issues. Aside form that, the drive of this awesome car is summed up in one word. Amazing.








 As it stands, the 2014 Cadillac CTS VSport is an awe inspiring car that needs to be recognized for what it is. A domestic SWAG mobile. You can drive around in a BMW, 2014-Cadillac-CTS-Vsport-front-view-at-Nurburgring-test-center-796x528or Benz, and feel like a Champion, but if you pull up to the club in a Caddy VSport, you have just changed the game baby. Here’s one last thought for you to toss around for a bit. What happens when, not if, when Cadillac decides to “One Up” themselves when they build the CTS VSport Coupe? Or even the VSport Wagon?!? What about an ATS VSport? Options people, options, and it looks like Cadillac has them by the handful. Thanks for reading.    

2014 Cadillac CTS VSport

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