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Lamborghini Fight 2

Deserving Guy Gets Knocked Out By Lamborghini Owner

Man Runs on Top of Another Man’s Lamborghini Causing Fight

Published October 23, 2017

It’s no secret to anybody that for every intelligent, respectful individual in our great world, there are at least three idiot counterparts.  While there are plenty of these types of videos that are staged throughout the internet, this video truly seems legit because of the Lamborghini owners intense anger and actions.  As you’ll see below, intense idiotic actions come with the appropriate consequences.

Lamborghini fight

In the streets of downtown San Francisco, a driver of a Lamborghini Aventador SV is parked in the streets.  The video doesn’t show if he parked legally or illegally, but from many of the comments on Youtube’s page suggest that the instigator of this fight had jumped on top of the car while the gentleman was driving the vehicle, causing him to get out of the car (at the time the footage began to be recorded).  The instigator, a younger african-american male, jumps on top of the hood of the vehicle and runs over the top of the hood, then jumping off of the trunk of the car.

The car (the real victim of this incident) is a Lamborghini Aventador SV model which is equipped with an impressive 740-horsepower V-12 engine and easily costs nearly $500,000.  So, it’s no surprise that the owner of this vehicle is ready to tear the guy’s face off to say the least.  The owner of the vehicle jumps out and tries to chase the guy down, but is unable to catch him.  The fight instigator (again, obviously not the smartest tool in the shed) finds this hilarious and decides that one or two times isn’t enough – so he makes one more journey over the top of the vehicle, which ultimately let the Lambo owner catch him.

The owner then throws the guy to the ground with his fist up while yelling, “I ought to F***ing kill you!”  It appears that both parties involved in this incident have spectators in the crowd rooting for them.  The guy that had jumped on the car starts yelling a bunch of useless excuses to try and prevent from getting punched in the face.  For a split second, it appears that the owner of the car is willing to let it go.  He starts walking back to his vehicle, but the guy (that obviously doesn’t know to quit while he’s ahead) says one more thing that causes the guy to punch him out.  It doesn’t look like he got ahold of the guy very well, but the instigator appears to be unconcious in the video.

We tried to follow up on the parties involved in this fight, but were unable to come up with specific names for the two individuals in the video.  This video immediately went viral after its posting and to our surprise (apparently they’re not fans of wealthy individuals), most viewers commented in favor of the guy jumping on the car.  However, if this was my Lamborghini Aventador, I would have done much worse to the guy who decided that it would be comical to cause damage to the car for some Youtube and Instagram hits.




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