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Detroit Electric Shows World’s Fastest EV in Shanghai, Inks Deal with Geely

Published May 3, 2013

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Detroit Electric is an age old automotive brand, albeit one that slipped into the history books but has returned as a self proclaimed leader in the production and development of EV vehicles. Detroit Electric is headed by Albert Lam, Lam previously took Lotus Engineering into new markets such as China, India and the USA and and at one served as the Managing Director of Apple Computer in Asia.

Lam unveiled the new SP:01 at last weeks Shanghai Auto Show where details on the new model were finally revealed, the sports car has a top speed of 249km/h and can hit 100km/h from standing in just 3.7 seconds, furthermore the car has a range of 180 miles. Priced at 1.25 million RMB, the SP:01 is priced fairly competitive when compared to rival supercars. The SP:01 will be produced at the new Detroit Electric production site in Wayne Country, Michigan. The dedicated facility will have an annual capacity of 2,500 vehicles and create over 180 manufacturing and sales-related jobs over the next year.

Detroit Electric also signed a deal with Chinas Geely to jointly develop a new EV based on Geelys existing infrastructure, the Geely Emgrand EC7 is the first candidate to receive an electric upgrade. The two companies will work together to develop and produced the first Geely EV which will be co-branded as a Detroit Electric-Geely product. The vehicle will initially be sold primarily to business users and public-sector organizations, with two companies are forecasting sales of around 3,000 units in the first 12 months, growing to around 30,000 units per year within three years.

The new EC7-EV model will offer both medium-range (with a driving range of 165km per charge) and long-range options (an approximate range of 258km per charge). Building on Detroit Electric?s performance DNA, the vehicle can deliver class-leading acceleration (0-100kph acceleration under eight seconds) and a top speed exceeding 200kph.




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