Devel V-16 Monster Engine Pushes 3000 HP

The Devel V-16 Is A Seriously Fearsome 3000 HP Car!

Updated October 4, 2018

The Devel Sixteen Engine was specifically designed to power the new Devel supercar that is expected to set several new world records in the racing arena that were thought to be totally impossible in the past. This engine is a custom designed sixteen cylinder power plant that was designed for Devel automobiles exclusively. This engine is definitely in a classification of its own!

Devel V16 3000 HP Car

Every aspect of this engine is completely unique and the possible horsepower accomplishments with the appropriate adjustments are off the charts bringing high-performance to a whole new level. The intake system incorporates four turbochargers that is completely insane and unheard of. All of the turbos incorporated into this quad configuration are 81MM that are capable of a combine boost pressure of over 35 PSI and are specifically designed for this application. At 20 PSI the engine puts out over 3,000 horsepower that is truly remarkable. The Steve Morris team plans on upping the boost level for the race version to about 35 that will generate approximately 4,500 horse and achieve speeds that are over 500 kilometers per hour.

The intake system , valve covers, and numerous engine components were specifically designed for the Devel sixteen to make the performance level of this huge power plant a reality.

The car that this engine is designed for also takes performance and racing to a whole new level.

Devel 3000 HP Car 2

Devel 3000 HP Car 1



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