Digital Directiv’s Sport Classic – ‘Bella’

Published May 3, 2015

What would a 2007 Ducati Sport Classic look like if it was rebuilt and redesigned to modern standards? Something a lot like this, it seems. Built up from a 2007 Sport Classic and taking a spoonful of inspiration from the MH900E Mike Hailwood tribute, Digital Directiv’s Joe Tessitore has unveiled what could’ve been.

custom-ducati-625x417Joe Tessitore, the brains behind Digital Directiv (and owner of the Portland based outfit) has named this sensational machine ‘Bella’ and while it’s pretty on the surface, the real beauty lies underneath. This restoration has taken the donor and turned it up to eleven, with a serious performance kit, modern technology and a whole host of other contemporary upgrades. It’s understandably understated; the whole ethos behind the project was to impress only those who could appreciate the bike’s subtlety and to give the bike a timeless appeal – so you won’t be seeing any carbon fiber!

custom-ducati-5-625x625On the surface, there are some basic key differences between the Sport Classic and Bella, such as the front fairing and the tailpiece, but the beauty is in the details. Every new part is Ducati through and through, including the Marchsini wheeled from the 999R, the Ohlins Superbike front shocks, complete with controls and components, and of course, Brembo brakes. Everything is as it should be. This is the Sport Classic that Ducati should’ve built.

custom-ducati-6-625x417Before we go into the bigger details, it’s worth talking about the digital dash and electrical system; it’s from a 1098 and it’s been seamlessly integrated into the Sport Classic with a custom built wiring harness and ECU firmware – if you know much about electronics, you’ll appreciate that this was no mean feat. Sure, aftermarket components could’ve been swapped in for a lot less effort but it would’ve interfered with Digital Directiv’s ‘factory’ appeal. It took around 100 hours of hardcore research and development to make it work – well worth the expense and effort, I’d say.

custom-ducati-2-625x417On top of that, there’s a hand-fabricated aluminum tail piece, beautifully hand stitched suede upholstery, a tidy exhaust system tucked under the tail (adapted from Monster 1100 headers) complete with Cone Engineering mufflers. Other little extras include a discreet LED lighting system and Bluetooth ignition, for all of those Smartphone/Keyless nerds out there.

custom-ducati-1-625x625custom-ducati-4-625x417In it’s original form, the Ducati Sport Classic wasn’t an unattractive bike. Digital Directiv’s have updated it and given it an incredibly powerful looking front end; my only problem is the stubby tail piece. It does jar my eye a little but that’s a small issue and one that I’m raising for the sake of having something negative to say because there aren’t any other bad features on this beautiful and bespoke motorcycle. Oh yeah, the price is also a thumbs down…unless you’ve got a spare $40,000 in your wallet. Someone did though, because it’s no longer for sale!

custom-ducati-3-625x417custom-ducati-7-625x417Then again, Digital Directiv are proper engineers, not a few geezers that throw a few bits together and call it art!


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