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Divergent 3D Blade Is Possibly The Most Important Car Of All Time

3D Printing Supercars Became A Thing

Jay Leno featured this thing for his Jay Leno’s Garage show on the YouTube. Not that we are saying that whatever Jay Leno features is a success, but we are saying this thing is really interesting. And impressive. Not from the perspective of a driver, but from the perspective of the engineer and/or factory manager who tries to cut the costs of production as much as possible. See, Divergent focuses on creating a new technological process which will dramatically reduce the time for development and car production. 3D metal printing technology is at the very heart of their new process. Some of the major parts for this particular 3D Blade car were 3D printed.

Divergent 3D Blade

Divergent CEO Kevin Czinger talks in depth about the design and construction process of the car and just by listening to it, it makes sense. As 3D printing becomes ever more accessible, we can see some manufacturers actually using the technology for their benefit.

Divergent 3D Blade

In that regard, the 3D Blade is not a showcase of a new sports car aimed at the mass market. It is a courageous representation of what the new building process based on 3D printing can achieve in a short time.

Divergent 3D Blade With Mitsubishi Power

The car itself is powered by a fine tuned Mitsubishi 2.4-liter turbocharged four-cylinder engine from Lancer Evo and it gives 700hp. Considering that the 3D Blade actually weighs at 1388 lbs, so much power is rather incredible. And it drives as well.

Divergent 3D Blade

Jay Leno had a chance to sit behind the wheel and drive the car on the streets. It works. We are, however, curious about the technology. Could it become better than what we have today? Will Czinger manage to sell it to companies for big bucks?

Maybe he will.

Divergent 3D Blade


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