Dodge Challenger Hellcat vs Twin-Turbo Chrysler 300 In A Drag Race

Published September 28, 2016

Road users recently got an unexpected treat when a Chrysler 300 and a Dodge Challenger Hellcat got into a race to see which car was more bad ass. Street racing is one of the most dangerous activities to get involved in, but this one between these 2 cars is hard to resist. The vehicles in question are  top of the range machines. The Chrysler 300, in particular, cannot be classified as off the shelf as it even sported a twin turbo setup. This particular race has a spark to it for various reasons; The fact that it began as a street race, the vehicles participating weren’t ordinary cars, and the third probably being the fact that the Chrysler 300 came with a twin turbo setup.


The Chrysler 300 is a muscle car by all standards, even without the twin turbo. The twin turbo setup, however, can’t be too bad when it involves 6766 units. The Hellcat as well came ready to take on the Chrysler. It is no wonder then that this race garnered such an interest from car enthusiasts. The race began on the highway with all the spectators being treated to a rolling start of course, and while the Chrysler began on a low note of 7 psi of boost, it soon was forced to pick up speed. Right from the start, the Dodge Challenger gave an impressive acceleration show with its 707 horsepower of engine strength forcing the Chrysler to increase its boost to at least 15 psi.

Both cars draw a lot of attention. The Dodge Challenger for being a cult car, and the Chrysler for the different turbo setup which is enough to anger the purists.




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